Rumor: Harley Quinn Returns In Batman: Arkham City DLC

Rumor: Harley Quinn Returns In Batman: Arkham City DLC


A leaked batch of PlayStation 3 Trophies seemingly reveals an upcoming Arkham City downloadable content update focused on the Joker's manic henchwoman.

The theoretically upcoming Trophy list comes courtesy of the aptly named, and alongside the 61 Trophies currently available in Rocksteady Studios' smash hit Batman: Arkham City, it includes an additional 10 Trophies for something the site refers to as the "Harley Quinn DLC."

Take that however you'd like, but it's not the most interesting bit.

Instead, I would draw your attention to the Trophy labelled "A Few New Tricks." That Trophy's description reads: "Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight as Robin in Harley Quinn's Revenge."

Not only does that refer to some as-yet-unknown section of Batman: Arkham City called "Harley Quinn's Revenge," it also indicates that Robin will be a playable character in this episode -- good news for Tim Drake fans who were disappointed to see that the Boy Wonder was only playable in Arkham City's Challenge Maps.

Unfortunately, since this list is the only bit of info we have on the hypothetical DLC, I can't tell you when this "Harley Quinn's Revenge" will be released, nor its price. For that matter, I can't even officially say that this thing even exists. Rocksteady refuses to confirm or deny the DLC, and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive is being mum on the entire issue.

Until we get some kind of official confirmation, please continue glumly chewing grains of salt and hoping against hope for more story content in Batman: Arkham City.

Source: PS3Trophies, via CVG


This is one of those secrecy things i dont quite understand again. We all knew it was coming one way or another, so why not at least admit its existence if you screw up at keeping it under wraps?

After just recently playing it, That was one thing I thought about. There does need to be a Harley Quinn related DLC and the most imperative thing to it should be the addition of the animated series Harley costume to go along with Catwoman/robin/night wing, etc should you play as the animated batman skin.

Returns? Did she go someplace?

Maybe they'll just go crazy and release a Batman and Robin co-op dlc.

the robin achieve sounds like a new challenge map.

the robin achieve sounds like a new challenge map.

Yup, i had the same feeling. Like how Black Mask was the boss of one of the other challenge map sets.

Maybe it'll be about her 'hinted at baby with the Joker'

Oh PLEEEAASSE Rocksteady! Harley was absolutely devastated at the ending events of Arkham City and it would be amazing to see her attempt to take the Batman's elimination into her own hands out of sheer grief and madness.

Earnest Cavalli:
Warner Bros. Interactive is being mum on the entire issue.

I don't think you can "be" mum in this particular situation. I believe the correct expression is to "keep" mum. It's a British thing. /nitpick

OT: It'll be nice to have an excuse to go back to Arkham City, especially if the DLC can form some sort of continuation from the game's plot. No doubt a bridge between City and the inevitable third game...

Am I the only one that thought that was Jeanette Voerman at first?

Anything involving my favorite female villain is fine by me :)

I haven't been keeping up with my Arkham City DLC, but I'll probably pick this up if this turns out to be true.

nice to to actually see some story dlc if true.

Screw playing as Robin, I wanna play as Harley.

Harley saving joker by reviving Mr.J with lazerous pit? holding bat's GF as hostage? when joker revived, sets up for next game.. Batman: GOTHEM CITY

Screw playing as Robin, I wanna play as Harley.

This. Yeah pretty much my emediate hopes when i read the title of the article. We should be able to play as her-even if it is only challenge maps which i hope it isn't onlt that- and we should get DC animated skin from back in the day to fit the others.

I really really hope this is true(which im sure it is at this point) and i hope we get to play harley in the challenge maps AS WELL as get continued story about her attempting revenge on batman.

OT: Is it wrong that i want to see her succeed and idk kill off robin to grieve batman like she has been grieved? It would be nice to see something dramatic and story changing i type this i remember the ending to Arkham City....yep im stupid.

I think it will have something to do with the pregnancy test 'easter egg' found within the game, As NicoDK said, and no Harley didn't 'go' anywhere but she was tied up and left by the Joker (we assume, but possibly by Clayface?) maybe she was left because of the pregnancy test? Who knows?

Oh please. Please please please. I love her an unhealthy amount <3 I knew I was holding onto my Arkham City for a reason.
I hope we see what she does after

Playing as her would be quite interesting too, see how she differs to the rest when fighting.

This would have been cool if it had been released a while ago. But it's April guys. Arkham City was released back in October and there's hardly been any content for it since November. A lot of people I know had it have traded it in now, including me.

Then again, I don't think I'm missing out on much. AC's DLC was just okay.

Horrible character, you people are masochists if you want an entire plot line featuring the most annoying voice to come from TAS. If I was the Joker I'd be beating her on a daily basis, "STFU Harley you annoying bitch" *pimphand backslap*

Finally, some interesting DLC for Arkham City. I was hoping to have something involving the Scarecrow perhaps, but this looks just as good. I'll be keeping an ear out.

Earnest Cavalli:
good news for Tim Drake fans who were disappointed to see that the Boy Wonder was only playable in Arkham City's Challenge Maps.

How did you come to that conclusion?

Is there something that indicates this won't be another challenge map?

I have a massive thing for her in this game do not know why but its very unhealthy to keep bugging the girlfriend to dress like her as she can do the voice pretty well.... hoping one day Christmas comes early lol.


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