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I like the fact that Joffrey is the reward for getting nil, serves the prick right...
Got 9 out of 10, and realized that I mixed up Robb's wolf for Jon's.

13th out of all entries. Oh yes. Helps that I've been a fan of the books for ages, of course.

Anyhow, the perfect score badge really shouldn't have been Tyrion at all. Granted, he's very clever and thinks on his feet well, but the man who really knows how to play the game of thrones is Tywin Lannister, hands down.

As for the quiz, 10/10 but way down the leaderboard thanks to the combination of slow computer and internet connection.

Hey! I have heard of Game of Thrones! Just.. never actually read any part of it...


Woop woop - got the Tyrion badge! It was a pretty easy quiz, really, but I still like it.

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