FemShep's Voice Actress Talks Mass Effect 3 Ending

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Well...there go my hopes and dreams of the series getting fixed.

Time to never buy from bioware again.

And you will be one of the first buying Dragon Age 3.

If by "Buy" you mean borrow from a friend then maybe.

When I first played Mass Effect, I made a male character, even though I'm prone to making female ones just to see if it makes any genderrole difference in the game. While Mark Meer has improved substantially, I did not like his voice acting.

I began over about a third into the game, for various reasons, and made a femshep instead. I was instantly hooked to her voice. Jennifer Hale is Shepard, Shepard is a woman and I am damn proud of her(Shepards) story.

If there would ever be a movie(god forbid, but since this is pure "what-if", I'd fantasize it'd be good), it should be a woman playing her and Jennifer Hale would look the part. I know she does voice-acting primarily, but one could always dream...

I already said what I had to say about this topic, but I had to respond to this.
I respond with the following:
image [pssst, you're Conan]
Agreed word for word. Especially your second sentence of your second paragraph.
Well said. Get bent, Hale haters.

Captcha: That's right
Quite. (It's scary how captcha has been very fitting lately.)

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