Peter Molyneux Calls Microsoft a "Creative Padded Cell"

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Peter Molyneux making a remark about padded cells? Why oh why did I laugh so hard?

I don't like this guy, and I find his promises on Fable to always be horrific exaggerations and his recent games simplistic drivel.

That said; good for him. I am glad to see someone so high up start to realize they aren't in an environment that promotes creativity or imagination at all.

Endearing, is the word I've been using.

I always say he's kind of like a video game character in and of himself.

Both of these work for me o.o

Lunar Templar:
if i had to choose? Peter. his kinda loony is better then Microsoft's kind of loony

ether way, will he finally do all the stuff he says he will?

Yes, it i x3

By the Emperor, I hope he does o.o

Chair. Adjustment. Personnel. I don't know how, I don't know why, but SOMEHOW this is Obama's fault.

That should totally be the slogan for the Republican party in the next Presidential elections. I mean, it pretty much already is...

And I thought putting those plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces sounded like a looney job.

I mean, it's like... They could probably have five-year-olds doing thing. No older.

Well, at least him leaving MS has made him a bit more humble.

Man, I just cannot dislike Molyneux, he's just so goddamn passionate about what he does. He is definitely his own worst critic, always striving to do the best goddamn job he can and please as many people as he can, and in that regard I can relate to him to an extent.

Sure, he makes lavish promises that often times he can't keep, but damnit, he wouldn't make those promises if he didn't want to keep them. The guy's a real trooper, I tell you. Keep doing what you're doing, the industry could use more passion like you have, Molyneux

I don't think posturepedically is an actual word.

Just for reference, this "Chair Adjustment Personnel" person has probably been canned due to getting Peter Molyneux to quit.

I have a totally non-OSHA compliant workplace and this guy is whining about having people coming in once a month to make sure he doesn't sustain injuries do to poor equipment and posture? Horse's ass.

I understand what he is trying to say but seriously, ergonomics are important.

I completely agree with him, if my employer hired someone to do this crap I'd tell them where to shove it.

Yes, staff OHS is important, it should also be their own responsibility. You are provided with chairs, if you don't want to sit in them properly that's your own fault.

Offices all over the world seem to be filled with this garbage, when a better solution to any "sitting too long" related problem is to allow your staff to get up and walk around on a regular basis without harassing them, and to employ enough staff that nobody needs to work overtime or be overly stressed.

Microsoft chair adjustment personnel... Not sure if I should follow that up with "Is the name of my alt-pop-rock band" or "dot tumblr dot com"

This is why I have respect for Molyneux, sure his attempts at being creative can get bungled up or seem totally bonkers at times, but he has a genuine, honest desire to be creative and "think outside the box". Let's compare Fable 1 and Fable 2, and Call of Duty Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3. The switch from Fable 1 to Fable 2 was a HUGE change in the series, the combat mechanics were overhauled and changed, graphics improved, new mechanics like your loyal pet Dog and how Magic works makes the two games seem like they belong almost to different Franchises, while Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3... Don't really seem to be any different from each other.

Say what you will about Molyneux, but you have to admit that the guy tries to change things.

Honestly, it sort of seems like he's making an excuse to me - but I guess we'll see come his next game.

So wait...The gradual worsening of Fable is because someone adjusts his chair? If she's pretty would he still complain?

Hahahaha. So Peter was in the midst of a Coleridgian burst of inspiration when a modern day person from Porlock came and blew his creative high. "Fuck this", said Pete, "these conditions are positively Orwellian."

Only Molyneux could find a way to spin a story about what are probably regulation OH&S practices in a way that sounds like he's being watched by the thought police. Ergonomics in the workplace are actually a pretty serious thing, everyone I know who has a desk job has at some point had someone come to check they're not sitting in a chair that doesn't support them properly: because in our litigative-driven culture if you develop a curved back from sitting in a crappy chair 8 hours a day you could probably sue. But hey, fuck possibly getting a more comfortable workspace if it means you can be interrupted dreaming about what extra bodily functions you can cram into your next game and call it 'social interaction'.

Wow... gotta give ol' Peter credit where credit is due. He may be one or two steps away from a REAL padded cell of his own, but the guy absolutely loves what he does. Who else can genuinely say that they would leave a job where they HAD to be making more money then any of us could ever hope for, just to try and create a truly great game and take that chance.

More modern day game designers should have the balls that this guy's got. As an aspiring designer myself, I'm actually rather impressed.

PART 2: That, and yeah, he may fall on his face every now and again, but he still has the ambition to try new things and try to create something grand. I mean, I get the feeling that he genuinely does love each fable game that comes out, even though they're not really the greatest games ever.

It's ages better then what Activision has been doing ever since they hit the Modern Warfare goldmine.


Peter Molyneux Calls Microsoft a "Creative Padded Cell"

Yes, it is. And...?

I'm waiting for Molyneux to start a Kickstarter campaign. I just want to see what wildly implausible things he'll fail to deliver for the upper-echelon contribution amounts.

Given his history, I wouldn't fund it, because I wouldn't get it until the day after he dies.

You mean to tell me that I can't even find a job filling shelves but there are people at Microsoft who are legitimately being paid to screw around with chairs?

'Tis a dark, dark world we live in...

Microsoft chair adjustment personnel... Not sure if I should follow that up with "Is the name of my alt-pop-rock band" or "dot tumblr dot com"

What about Creative Padded Cell? I think I'll call that one for my indie-pop band.

Thing is, Molyneux's old office actually WAS a padded cell, of which no such thing as a chair, or people, had ever actually entered the room in years.

I still prefer to imagine Peter Molyneux as the magical, omnipresent, disembodied head Yahtzee portrays him as.

But, good on him for this decision.
I've always admired his ambition and constantly listening to player feedback. Every Fable game he makes is another attempt at getting everything right, adding and removing according to feedback.

Klonoa Prower:
Just for reference, this "Chair Adjustment Personnel" person has probably been canned due to getting Peter Molyneux to quit.

Indeed. Molyneux says: "I don't want to work for a corporate overlord, be they evil or begnign."

Microsoft hears: "The chair-adjustment-administrator clearly underperformed in her responsibilities as a performance optimising part of this company. The gallows will be her payment - or, if already illegal (we have to check back with legal on that), a pink slip will do."

You don't mess with people's chairs.

exactly i wouldnt last 5 minutes at microsoft with crap like that

It'll be alot harder to remake fable another 6 times without Microsoft.

He might have to actually deliver on one of any of his promises too, tough times.

People give Molyneaux a hard time, but he's one of the people who you know really gives a shit. He'll admit failures and always want to do better.

That being said this will either lead to brilliance or we'll see him on the news doing something like

I don't really have much else to say (I've made my chair adjustment statement clear. And I also loved Fable 1 but haven't actually gotten into the other two. Black & White on the other hand, I adore.)

Quoted this though just for the 30 Rock reference :)

Captcha: less is more


My respect for Molyneux just jumped several levels.

P.s. Well, if we're going to have to have advertisement captchas, I'd much rather it be for the American Cancer Society than for Ford or some such. So... Good job I guess?

I love Peter. His drive is stuff the industry needs. It really is. I love how he takes risks with his games. Sure he makes them sound grander and can't deliver on some of the promises but damn does he try. Black & White is one of my favorite games of all time. I'm sure he'll make another great game before his time is through.

So what he is saying is that in recent years he produced shallow mediocre entrainment stuff that did not in any way contribute to the advancement of video games as a medium because he was in a perfect environment to do the contrary?

That guy is lost to me since 1997...

Personally i can see the guys point of view. It was the final thing to make him realise just how far things had gone wrong. I salute Peter and i really hope we see something of the old game developer returning in his next projects.

The entire games industry is totally insane. They worry more about chair positioning than getting anything done right. They all need to be in padded cells, the lot of them! Either way none of them can hold a torch to Richard Garriott in the sanity department.

Zen Toombs:

Calls Microsoft a "Creative Padded Cell"

Yeah, I can get behind that.

He left the company on good terms.

Wait, but... calling them a "Creative Padded Cell" is leaving on good terms?


Maybe they assumed that from him, it was a compliment. That or he was having another one of his "moments" so they left him to it.

Personally i think that him leaving microsoft might be a good thing.

Having worked office jobs in the UK (where Lionhead is based) this sort of thing isn't that unusual, I've never had someone adjust my chair while sitting in it (and I'm a little incredulous that he wasn't asked first) - but I have had to keep the chair set to a particular height, have to keep my feet placed on some stupid tilting thing, had the distance between my head and the screen measured and have to take a mandatory 15 minute break from the screen twice a day. I've also seen people having to check the lighting levels and humidity every couple of months.

Most of it is motivated by health and safety rather than efficiency.

As for Molyneux, he is a visionary in the field and he's a great speaker - but he doesn't have focus or follow-through. He's a great ideas man, but he's not who you want directing your project - he seems to focus on little quirks at the expense of the overall project, and he seems to be constantly changing direction throughout development rather than refining the game.

Well, got to hand it to the guy for keeping his ego in check. Having said that, I don't think any of his games deserve to be in the top games of all time list (Syndicate maybe...) either.

which is more likely?

a) a multinational software corporation with 92,000 employees that is trying to compete with other companies like google, facebook and apple to recruit engineers has ergonomics rules with mandatory monthly checkups.


b) a game designer with a history of 'overhyping', who has managed to put out a string of mediocre and 1 canceled games since being acquired by the large multinational corporation is now leaving his job and makes up a story about how the large multinational corporation is cramping his style.

let me guess, it must be A, cos Microsoft is the borg right?

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