Valve Hiring For Help With Hardware

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I got alot of hardware in my face, does that count? I really want to work at valve..

So, will it be... Steam Powered?

Maybe it's Valve brand PC? Well, and games will come out with mark "guaranteed to run at maximum settings at 60 FPS on Valve PC 1.1.

Whatever it is, we can expect to see it in the late 2020s.

Well they got alot of statistics to find out what the average gaming PCs are. I have always hoped that some sort of PC/console hybrid would be available so that the console peasants could gently be introduced to the possibilities with PC. And I have sold my soul to Gabe a long time ago so I dont believe they will do anything bad, EVER!And if they do, my worldview will be shattered.

As I have said before. They are most likely working on devices to be used with PCs that are connected to a TV using the Big Picture Mode UI they have been working on. They won't be making their own branded PC but they will be making use of systems like the Alienware X51 which is a tiny bit larger than the original PS3. Valve wants to bring PC gaming to the living room and is making the new optional UI for Steam to allow this and by the looks of things they will be making controllers too.

tl;dr: Valve is inventing shit to let people use their PC as a living room console.

he might just try to build one of these.

because walking is so 1885.




Okay, that would be a dick move. Of course, I doubt Valve, with its PC-friendly reputation, would consider that, assuming they plan to get into the console market at all. This seems like rumors on top of rumors at best. Valve also heavily supports the mod community which consoles don't do, although I suppose that could change provided they don't use proprietary encoding like the current gen, but then it would just be a gaming PC.

I don't think they would make a console, they might be working on a specialty pc kind of thing though.

I'd be more inclined to believe this if anything at all.

This sounds to me like Valve is wanting to explore the methods of interaction with the game - whether by controls or visuals. I wouldn't read too much into it.

This seems like the most plausible explanation, but we'll just have to wait see what they're cooking up.

Wait no longer, good sir, for all has been revealed. And by the famous Michael Abrash, no less!

well i knew it would be our DOOMEH?

It would be interesting to see if they could sell gaming PCs at a loss like most of the console companies, and then make up the cost in games.

This of course would require them to lock the PC to only Steam somehow. Which would be bad.

Okay, so no steambox console....

Not a big deal I have a PC that can do what I need, and more.

But what we do need is to include the word "dubiosity" in the English dictionary because it is AWESOME.

go here to do that.

Don't suppose Tim Cook's recent visit has anything to do with this.

maybe a new type of input hardware? a Valve controller? whatever it is I,m getting one.

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