Parents Name Babies After Hunger Games Tributes

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Parents Name Babies After Hunger Games Tributes


A dystopian deathmatch makes doomed children's names very popular.

Coming up with the perfect name for something is usually even harder than creating the darned thing in the first place - especially if your end product is a child. Beleaguered parents have struggled with naming their children for generations, and while there have been some missteps along the way, they've generally done a pretty good job with it. In addition to cultural history, ancestry, and naming trends, pop culture can help give a few hints about baby names, and this year, young adult series The Hunger Games is providing a lot of inspiration. In 2012, expect to see lots of little Rues and Catos, two of "tributes" who compete in the titular games.

Names like Katniss, Gale, and Peeta have failed to become breakout hits like Edward and Bella before them. However, new parents have embraced Rue, Katniss Everdeen's sweet, agile little sidekick, and Cato, the merciless, hard-bitten antagonist. At first, naming a baby after two characters who get thrust into a pretty violent situation may not sound like the most brilliant idea, but both names have some historical precedent. Like "katniss," "rue" is a type of flower, and "Cato" is a name dating back to the Roman Empire. Neither name has been all that popular in the last hundred years or so, but at least for 2012, they're slated to make a small comeback.

There are perhaps less risky names for newborns, but children could do much worse than "Rue" and "Cato." The names are fairly unique, since once popularity for The Hunger Games dies down, they will likely recede back into obscurity. If The Hunger Games is still popular when this crop of Rues and Catos become teenagers, though, they made hold a slight grudge against their parents for naming them after those two. Let's just say that the odds were only in their favor for so long.

Source: NameBerry via The Mary Sue

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Why do parents do this?

Why do they give their kids ridiculous names?

They're not signup sheets for a bloody MMO, you can't just call your kid 'Xxx3lite$nip3r69xxX' and expect you kid not to think you were being daft.

Rue is kinda a cool name.

I know somebody called Roux, which is pronounced the same.

At least it SOUNDS like a name, not like 'Harper Seven Beckham' or 'Apple tree' Or 'Peaches Geldof' (really fucking names... Seriously.)


So wait, has anyone actually named their kids after characters from those books? I don't see any mention of it having happened up in the article; just looks like a bunch of "oh this is totally going to happen you guise" to stir up some rage.

Why not? I think literature and other media always had an influence on the names people give to their children. I mean, most names were unconventional at some point, i assume.

Well, they aren't that bad as names go... I fully plan to call my probably-not-going-to-happen son "Lelouch" and screw the consequences!

Though i'll forever be disappointed in my future self if he ever does go and have children. I hate the little things.

By the way how's Baby Dovahkiin coming along? Don't worry kid, everyone will have forgotten Skyrim by the time you're in school. Be prepared for legendary amounts of shitty insults though

Cato isn't exactly the best name.

People name their kids after made up characters in books all the time.

Michael, Peter, John, Matthew, etc.

Some of these names aren't too bad. Pretty cool.

I got bored and was looking through that linked list, and came across "Oliver Clothesoff"

I thought it was rather hilarious

Lol, to be honest this is the kind of thing that helps turn me into such a complete bastard. When I see people naming kids after pop culture phenomenas or to win contests, I believe it's a sign that we need to start taking rights away from people. I believe that before you should have control over any other person, even your own offspring, you should meet certain minimul requirements of responsibility. Something that feeds into my occasional declarations of saying that we should sterlize the population and then reverse it only for people approved to have children, reducing the population is a big part of it, but also it can be used to put an end to this kind of crap.

Barring that, I'm wondering if perhaps there should be some kind of approval process in hospitals which baby names are approved through before they go onto birth certificates. Kids don't stay these little, cute, borderline objects forever, and names can have a huge impact. Some pop culture referacen, contest, or whatever is a very short term thing that can ruin an entire life, as can Mr. and Mrs. Hooker deciding to name their daughter "Ima" for whatever reason.

As time goes on the "sacred right to name your kids whatever you want" increasingly comes into question as people prove themsevles unworthy of that "right". There were attempts back in the day to say force Indians to assume proper english names, and so on, which have reinforced the reasons why people should have this right, but as time goes on I'm increasingly questioning this being an untouchable right. Ultimatly I don't think an approval process would matter to 99% of the people out there naming their kids, anyway as most people don't do garbage like this, but you have to be concerned about the welfare of children where parents DO engage in this kind of thing.

Of course to my way of thinking as soon as parents showed up and named their kids something crazy to win a contest or whatever, I'd see that as justification to call social services. As bad as that system is, it's probably for the best given that I doubt the parenting abillities of someone who would name their kid Trogdar or whatever. :P

All kidding aside, and while there is no guarantee it will happen, if we find the teenage "Baby Dovakin" engaged in a school shooting rampage or something, it's not like there will be much question as to what drove him to it.

Marshall Honorof:
Names like Katniss, Gale, and Peeta have failed to become breakout hits like Edward and Bella before them.

I guess the odds just weren't in their favor.

Cato isn't exactly the best name.

What the hell you talkin bout? Cato kick ass!

I was under the impression that the Hunger Games are aimed at the part of population that does not yet plan to have kids. But those names aren't half bad either way.

On the other hand it's kinda your problem for having somewhat lax rules. In here you can only use a name that already exists (and preferably isn't foreign) though of course exceptions are allowed.

Called that one. I've already had to give my girlfriend a couple of very long, disapproving stares when she hints about how she thinks 'Katniss' is actually quite a nice name. Unless I'm allowed to name our first son "Thunderhawk Deathblade," it's not happening.

I know if I have a girl with dark hair, her name shall be Marceline.

Also Hunger Games is terribly overrated, movie is anyways

That did it. I no longer want to live on this planet anymore.

And the movie wasn't even that good...

That did it. I no longer want to live on this planet anymore.

You have unjust court settlements, people with absurd fetishes, clubbing or stoning animals to death, cripple porn, child porn, extreme penetration, eccentric rich people doing ridiculous things, people eating locusts and scorpions alive, people who think they're vampires, people who like to eat poop...

And THIS is what settles it? ...yeah...

Yeah well, they aint got shit on my little baby skrillwub.

Daystar Clarion:
you can't just call your kid 'Xxx3lite$nip3r69xxX' and expect you kid not to think you were being daft.

Oh my God. Now I have to do it. I want to see the look on peoples faces when they meet xXxeXtrimeDUBSTEPsnipezzzz420smokzweedxXx for the first time.

OT: The names dont sound all that ridiculous... Not traditional, but I cant see kids getting bullied for those names.

I mean, its a whole step above naming your kid "Batman" or something.

The names don't sound that bad. I mean Cato is pushing it but it's not over the top. Rue actually sounds like a decent name.

People name their kids after made up characters in books all the time.

Michael, Peter, John, Matthew, etc.

You just made my morning, thank you.

There's a kid getting put into nursery at my old primary school called Mason. Nothing wrong with that you might say, but his second name is Wray, so his full name is Mason Wray... Masonry. I laughed when I realised that.

Also we have one girl called Atlantis, and another called Indiana Lighttower. Lighttower is her second name, which can't be helped, but it makes it a whole lot funnier.

I want to see the look on peoples faces when they meet xXxeXtrimeDUBSTEPsnipezzzz420smokzweedxXx for the first time.

I'm guessing it sounds just the way it's spelt...

I somewhat wish that people would embrace Cato for its Roman origins rather then a flash-in-the-pan piece of pop culture, but I wish that for all Roman names (seriously, I'm glad Tiberius got more popular because of Kirk, but I'd like to see people actually know something about the Emperor).

In the case of Katniss however, I really question the parental logic of naming a child something that is so close to 'cat piss'.

Color me unsurprised that a book written for roughly the same audience as twilight is causing people to name children after the characters, especially with how popular this one is and how that usually leads to a wave of hipsters doing this cause tehy want to either better than the other fans or because they want to show theyve been a fan the whole time and not for just since the movie was announced and heavily advertised.

... why yes I am being cynical.

People name their kids after made up characters in books all the time.

Michael, Peter, John, Matthew, etc.

Not really funny.

Anyway, I think some parents need to put more thought into names. They need to take into account that these are Humans and not animals or cars there naming.

People have always borrowed names from literature and folk characters, it's nothing new. In fact, I may legally change my name to Mowgli one day as I feel a connection with the books character (not the Disney movie version, but the actual Rudyard Kipling book character).

Meh. I've got friends and relatives with names like Afuogang, Atlanta, Savanha, Reuben, ermm... Corey, Richelle. All of them get on fine. Rue is less strange than most of those and Cato probably ties with Reuben or Afuogang.

If I ever have a son I want to call him Tosin, after Tosin Abasi, the nicest guy and best guitarist ever. If not that, then Mikael after a certain frontman instead. I want to name my kids after people that inspire me, the only significant difference I see here is that the people who inspire me are real people.

I'm also wondering how much 'The Hunger Games' is similar to 'Twilight', as I picked up the books out of curiousity, as they sounded a bit 'Running Man'/'Battle Royale' and since starting the first this week I'm already into the third, and, ok, there's more in the books about the people and how they interact than simple descriptions of how they get bits sliced off them, but I wouldn't rank them in the 'Twilight' teen romance genre. I'm a male of nearly 40 btw, not a 12 year old girl. I've also rarely cared about popular opinion if I enjoy something, and despite not really getting 'bronies', hell if they enjoy the show,who are we to tell them they're wrong? It's a shame when you're told you shouldn't enjoy a form of entertainment because you're too old/the wrong gender/whatever.

(One complaint, I bought the trilogy for £5, and on the back of the third book, there's the most massive spoiler! Think about your blurb, publishers!)

As for Rue, I'd not condemn it for being a name in a popular book, but I would avoid it as it means 'regret', and do you really want to name your own child 'regret'? May well call em Condomsplit or Momwasdrunk.

My main suggestion however, is have a think and see if it can easily be turned into an insult.

You name your son Link, and he's going to get stinky Linky thru early school, and elf faggot when he progresses to high school and the idiots have learned new words.

Mikael above is great, it's what you want, but offers him the chance to go with Mike, Micky, etc as he prefers.

not the worst, but still silly

Its better than calling them Dovakiin or Princess Beyonce.

Its better than calling them Dovakiin or Princess Beyonce.

I would give anything to be named Dovakiin, seriously.

Funnily enough I know a fifty year old Cato and didn't think anything of the name until the books came out and the connection gave me a little giggle. I see nothing wrong with this, the names aren't stupid and over extravagant so who cares where they came from? I know I would rather be called something interesting like that than dull conventional names like James, Luke, John or Simon.

well looks like two teenagers are going to

*puts on sunglasses*

bite the dust.


captcha: dont stop


Still not as bad as the single WORST name given out in human history.

Answer? K-A



That's not a typo.

Pronounced ka-dash-ah


As the mother put it

"Because the dash ain't silent nigga!"

Yep... true story...

The sad part is that list does not have a single child born to Frank Zappa on it that I can see. Seriously, how the fuck is Moon Unit not on that list?

Meh, not uncommon. As the article states, those names are not new names, just names that not a lot of people use. There is a lot to be said about naming your child something unique. The only names I can't stand are adjectives and nouns attributed to fruits and vegetables. That said, various cultures throughout history have named their kids things found in nature. Cato had another popularity boom in 70's, despite it going back to Roman times. My mother and aunt are named Heather and Laurel, both of which are flowers first, then names. I think that it's fine they people name their kids names like Cato, Rue, Katniss, etc. I think it's even better when people can't directly relate it to a pop culture reference. I joke with my girlfriend about naming our potential future kids after the Norse gods, for the fuck of it and because Thor is an extremely badass name. Dane Cook jokes about wanting to name his kids after his favorite Transformers. My mother used to want to make my middle name Thyme(like the herb), and my first name is Justin. It would have been cruel, but it wouldn't have made a difference in the long run. She also almost named me Justice, but at the time Justin was an extremely uncommon name. Now every other 6 year old is named Justin. I would have taken Justice.... oh yeah, definitely.

I think it's funny when people get mad about this kind of thing.

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