Crackdown Release Date Set, Demo Coming

Crackdown Release Date Set, Demo Coming

Microsoft has announced that Crackdown for the Xbox 360 will be released on February 20, 2007. A demo featuring online coop play is also slated for January 18.

Headed by Grand Theft Auto creator David Jones, Crackdown continues the Grand Theft style of free-form urban gameplay with the added twist of super powers and upgradeable vehicles. The demo will feature both single player modes and online cooperative modes.

The head of Realtime Worlds, David Jones has been vocal about his support for Microsoft's console and his concerns about the PS3.

"I seriously question Sony's policy of leaving it down to publishers to come up with their own standards for each [online] game," he said. "I completely disagree with it," Jones went on. "I'm not going to put my credit card details with five different companies for some bits of downloadable content."

Realtime Worlds is also working on APB, an urban MMOG described as "cops and robbers online" for the Xbox 360 and PC.



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