The World Ends With You May Get a Sequel

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Wonder how many games Nomura is gonna allude to before he finishes the ones he's already working on. How were the launch sales of FF Versus btw? What? It's in its 7th year of development and still not out? Oh, never mind then. Well then how about KH3? Oh, that one isn't out either? Well, cause we'll just have to settle for more shitty, overpriced, FF13-2 DLC, cause we all know everyone is dying for some more of that game.

I hope Joshua brings his jesus beams to the party, because they were already fun without actually being able to directly control them, let's see how they like it in 3d...


Well, this is all well and good, but...

If it gets a sequel, it's not really the world ending with you, now, is it?

That's not what it means. It means your view of the world only extands as far as you are willing to look.

OT, this is probably what will get me buying a 3DS; up until now, there just wasn't anything interesting me.

also, you should remember the reversal at the end of the game, in which they change the title to "the world begins with you"

Fun fact, it was actualy revealed in the game that different reaper districts can make up different rules for the game. Meaning that a sequel can still be original.

TWEWY is one of the greatest games on the old DS system and still holds up in presentation and gameplay pretty well and a sequel would just be AWESOME, especially because there's SO MUCH unexplored lore in the game that it leaves A LOT of design possibilities open.

Frankly, I'm thrilled. 8D

Don't toy with my emotions, people.

This better happen now.

I'm... not sure if I'm happy or not. TWEWY is one of my favourite games ever, I'd put it up there with Ocarina of Time (look at my zetta sexy profile picture). But the story was so well done, original and self contained that I think a sequel could take away from the original, unless it did something amazing with the story and gameplay. If so, it could make a good trilogy or something like that but I don't see it happening. I don't want them to close off the realm of imagination it opened with all of the lore. I want to remember TWEWY as just the original and the experience of playing it through the first time. I'd probably buy a 3DS if it came out though.

It might be alright if it was just in a different city with no or fleeting mention of the old characters, kind of like when they brought out new pokemon games, but I still stand by my point.

TWEWY was certainly innovative, but I don't know if I'd buy a sequel. I thought the story was too long with too little substance, especially at the end. And Neku was an obnoxious brat of a protagonist.

Besides, if it's on 3DS there's no way I'd buy it anyway. It's a 2D game, it would be stupid to limit their sales like that.

I loved TWEWY but I'm not going to get hyped up because I'm not intending on buying a 3DS anytime soon.

i'd buy a 3DS for a new TWEWY.

TWEWY possibly the best example of the R4DS's damage to the platform?

Hint; there's no 3ds r4ds so they should make this game quick before it happens again.

I love the idea of TWEWY sequel(if my username wasn't a give away) although I have to admit a certain trepidation. So much of the game was centered around the development of the characters, especially Neku. I worry if he appears in a sequel he might undergo the same emo backslide a lot of Square Enix characters undergo. I don't want to see the characters go through their exact character development all over again.

unless they make it for the psp or vita i doubt i'll ever care

I totally want a TWEWY sequel. In fact, that would probably sell the 3ds to me. BUT!

In fact, the end of TWEWY kinda opposes the idea of a sequel, especially considering that the circumstances of the game was highly unusual (according to the collectable records).

And they can't reasonably use the same characters, either. They are pretty much done with the game. Unless they do some kind of alternate reality, which they already did. :/

So, totally yes, I want a sequel, but I think it will be tricky keeping it consistent with the first game's story.

Well, I've never played TWEWY, but from what I've seen of Neku's footage in Dream Drop Distance, the characters seem to be right up my alley. I think I'll give it a go, and hope that it gets this sequel if I like it.

TWEWY was quite original. I might look into this if they somehow promise to improve the hilariously awful dialogue. I could live with the surprisingly average plot of the first game, but the occasional awful dialogue made it a lot harder to play through than it should have been.

Well, this is all well and good, but...

If it gets a sequel, it's not really the world ending with you, now, is it?

It will - some day.

TWEWY is awesome and I'll definitly buy the sequel on launch.

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