Johnny Damon Forms Gaming League

Johnny Damon Forms Gaming League

Yankees center fielder Johnny Damon, along with the Global Gaming League, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, and Boras Marketing, has launched the Professional Baseball Gaming League (PBGL), where professional MLB athletes will compete with gamers on the Xbox Live online service.

Fourteen baseball stars have been signed by Boras Marketing to participate in the league, with Damon serving as the league commissioner. The first game available for competition is Project Gotham Racing 3. The first season of the PBGL begins this week and will finish with the Miami, Florida PBGL Grand Finals tournament in February.

Damon is excited about the project, explaining: "GGL is bringing together two of my biggest passions - baseball and video games - in a way that neither baseball fans nor video gamers have seen before. Both baseball and video games play a huge role in today's culture in the US and around the world, and the PBGL is doing a great job of bringing these two communities together."

Source: Global Gaming League


Scott Boras, Damon's agent, is head of Boras Marketing. Is it any wonder that every player set to appear as part of the PBGL is Boras-represented.

Season one players include: Craig Hansen (Boston Red Sox), Julian Tavarez (Boston Red Sox), Matt Holliday (Colorado Rockies), Willy Taveras (Colorado Rockies), Prince Fielder (Milwaukee Brewers), Josh Barfield (Cleveland Indians), Corey Patterson (Baltimore Orioles), Rodrigo Lopez (Baltimore Orioles), Derek Lowe (Los Angeles Dodgers), Seth McClung (Tampa Devil Rays), Mike Pelfrey (New York Mets), Luke Hochevar (Kansas City Royals) and Dallas McPherson (Los Angeles Angels).

I guess A-Rod and Magglio weren't good enough gamers, or Boras would be pimping them too.


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