DMCA Forces Massive MapleStory Lawsuit Win

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I remember Maple Story.
I had a quest to kill 9 blob rabbits. I thought, 'cool'
Upon turning it in, I got a quest to kill 99 of the same blob rabbits. I though, 'ugh'
Upon turning it in, I got a quest to kill 999 of the same blob rabbits.
I promptly stopped playing.

You would think the constitutional ban on "cruel and unusual punishment" might come into play here.

Don't blame them for moving to a private server. There is usually a reason Maplestory...


Thats like Notch (and Mojang) trying to sue a minecraft server that accepts donations. It doesn't make any sense at all. If they started selling the game, then maybe a there'd be a problem.

It's Nexon.

They are as evil as EA or Activision and are at least 3x times more greedy.

True but the idea is the same. It's a third party multiplayer server accepting donations to stay afloat. There shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, some companies feel entitled to the money of non-profits just because their game was used.

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