Super Meat Boy Creator Hates Freemium Games

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I never understood the people who poured money into so called "virtual goods" and other type of freemium BS.

Some games get it mostly right, like Gun Bros, but even then it gets old quick and you can tell the whole game is designed to milk money from players over time. I'd rather buy a game that was designed to be fun.

So is he talking about all freemimum games, or just the ones on the mobile market? Because believe it or not a company can make a free to play game and still treat their customers as human beings (Super MNC/Uber Entertainment being one of them).

And the idea he considers "real game" to mean "insanely difficult so you have 'a sense of fulfillment'" doesn't bode well in my eyes. I mean sure if I beat a level/game that was incredibly hard/unfair in game X I'd feel a little "fulfilled" over doing it. But that doesn't mean I would feel the game was a satisfying experience just because it was difficult and I beat it. There's much, much more to a good game than just fulfilling the challenge in my eyes.

Not to say the man doesn't have a point, but I think the creator of Super Meat Boy may be a little biased in terms of what he considers a real game.

I don't think he is saying that a game has to be super hard, I think he is saying that these games that are designed really just to milk money out of gamers, instead of being designed to be rewarding and fun for gamers, are a bad thing for gamers if not the industry as a whole.

Everytime I see an article like this, it makes me fall in love with LoL's system even more.

All the runes for stat boosting are purchased with in game currency. Champs can be bought with either. The only thing that can be exclusively purchased with real live money is skins.

Yeah, the nice thing is you can unlock every type of champion you will ever need in 10 hours of playing. As in, you have 2 good carries, 2 gankers, etc.

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