BioShock Veterans Unveil Gone Home

BioShock Veterans Unveil Gone Home

The team behind the Minerva's Den DLC for BioShock 2 has a new indie studio and a new game.

The Fullbright Company, a new indie studio comprised of veterans of 2K Marin and Irrational Games, revealed itself to the world last week, and this week has something even more interesting to talk about: its first game. It's called Gone Home, and it's all about exploration and discovery.

"We're really interested in pushing toward simulation, both in the sense of the physics system but also in allowing the player to open any door or drawer they'd logically be able to and examine what's inside, down to small details," the team explained. "If we do it right, these interactive and simulation elements will work together to make you that much more invested in discovering the story woven into the environment."

A little bit of "pre-alpha" gameplay footage is floating around on the tubes but not much is known about Gone Home otherwise. It will be a "PC-native" game powered by the Unity engine, and while core gameplay and interface features are functional now, only about half of the "critical path and story elements" and five percent of the art and sound assets are in place. The team also made a point of noting that it is not planning to seek funding through Kickstarter.

It's not much to go on but between the video and Fullbright's description of Gone Home as about "exploring a modern, residential locale, and discovering the story of what happened there by investigating a deeply interactive gameworld," I'm getting a very Dear Esther-esque vibe from it. That's a good thing, by the way. The team said a full trailer and reveal will probably be made later this year and in the meantime, you can follow the action in bits and pieces at


Interesting news, hope to hear more about this soon.

Also, not begging for money? wow, that's news! The amount of kickstarters lately is TOO DAMN HIGH!

Awesome, the DLC was better than the main game. I loved MD. I will definitely look out for this.

Ahhh, another game to satisfy that itch for rifling through everyone's underwear drawers, no?

Oh that DLC that PC gamers had to wait a year for...
Oh what's that you want to release a PC game now?
Sorry but I hold grudges against people who screw over the PC crowd that badly.

Hopefully those graphics are indicative of the direction tgey're going. Love me some cell-shading.

Hmm, intriguing premise they're floating there. Might have to keep an eye open for a trailer...


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