GamePro Expo Named 'Entertainment for All' Expo

GamePro Expo Named 'Entertainment for All' Expo

The GamePro-sponsored game festival has been named the "Entertainment for All" Expo.

Media company International Data Group, publisher of GamePro and Macworld magazines, has renamed the "GamePro Expo" to "Entertainment for All Expo," or "E for All" for short. The expo will be open to the public with admittance tickets costing $100 per person for full, three-day access. "E for All" will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center October 18-20. Publishers will be selling products and hosting open video game tournaments on the show floor.

The name was chosen from 3,000 entries submitted by readers of Contest winner Dante Padre of California says the name reflects the open-to-all nature of the event. Video Games Live, a live orchestral performance of video game music, will be performing.

Mary Dolaher, the former manager of E3 and current Vice President of IDG World Expo, will be organizing the event. She says, "For companies that produce and develop games, interactive toys, and all things related, our goal is that 'E for All' will foster promotional and relationship-building opportunities that only face-to-face contact can create."


Charging $100 does not seem like "E for All" to me. Good name for a rave though. Am I the only one who thinks it is ridiculous to pay money to be marketed to?

That's how a lot of these conventions are. But I feel that $100 is a decent price. That is, if the show actually features worthwhile content that goes beyond, like you said, marketing.


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