China: We're Beating the Pirates

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China: We're Beating the Pirates


Software piracy dropped to 38% in 2011, says China.

The Business Software Alliance recently declared China the world's worst offender when it comes to software piracy. Current numbers from the BSA say China has a piracy rate of 77%, a 2% drop from 2009's numbers, and that it's cost the software industry some £5.7 billion. China, however, says it's got its peg-legged, parrot-owner infestation under control. State-run newspaper, China Daily, reported that, according to consultancy, China Labs, the rate of software piracy in the nation dropped to 38% in 2011.

Given the Chinese government's tendency to be economical with the truth (though it's worth noting the BSA is hardly completely impartial) I'd advise you take its numbers with a large, health-threatening dose of salt. On the other hand, the nation has made remarkable progress when it comes to reducing piracy. Back in 2003, the BSA put the nation's piracy rate at a whopping 92 percent.

According to Zhai Lifeng, an official at the National Copyright Administration, during a 2011 crackdown, some 466 individuals and firms were given "administrative punishment," while 66 cases warranted criminal investigation.

On the bright side, should anyone claim the Chinese government's numbers are suspect, the nation can always crush them in its giant Not-A-Gundam.

Source: The Register


"We had a pirate problem. Then we executed pirates. No more pirate problem."

Am rather doubtful though how useful it is for software revenues. China might have a rapidly growing middle class, but that still doesn't mean that there isn't a sizeable portion of their populace for whom affording legal software is a joke.

I thought only the Opus Dei practiced self flagellation... OH you mean SEA pirates!

As one US Senator rather bluntly put it - the world doesn't have a problem with piracy or copyright infringement:

The world has a problem with China and the people who live in China stealing everything that isn't nailed down and stealing/copying every idea that isn't locked in a bank vault under a Faraday cage.

If we dealt with China, the piracy and copyright program would practically disappear.

i think they mean something different when they say "beating"

Just goes to show that the only real way to combat online piracy is to enforce fascism.

read the title and called bull shit

read more, and still calling bullshit

'freezing temperatures' catchpa is talking about the forecast in hell in regards to China 'beating pirates' i see

So how's google dealing for you guys?

I actually thought they meant something completely different when I read the word "beating", funny how your mind automatically takes you places when you see "China" and "beating" in the headline.

Well, my basic attitude is that the only way to deal with the issue would be to effectively go to war with China, because short of that they have no real motive to stop what they are doing, which is why it continues. Their claims are more or less PR at the most, and really software piracy is a minor issue compared to their patent and copyright violations accross a wide spectrum of other products, and the huge knock off market it's at the center of. Whether we should or not, and how such a war could be won are things I am NOT going to post, but I've done so before. It would derail this beyond all belief.

If you do some searching when it comes to China, you'll find that it's goverment is involved in a lot of these electronic scams. If you do searches for things like "China, Prison, gold Farming" you'll find a ton of links like:

Which is a SAMPLE link, not the sum total of an entire case, it's intended to just point in the direction, and show the issue exists if people care enough to do the research. This is also just one of many other issues.

The point is that despite comments about corrput guards, or whatever, The Chinese Goverment is basically behind a lot of the monetized gaming corruption, piracy, etc... that we see out there. When caught, they act all hurt and claim to take action, and produce statistics to try and say that they changed something, but really very little does change. The Chinese Goverment probably has it's fingers into the pirated video games, just as I don't doubt for a second it was hardly oblivious to inmates being made to farm gold in MMOs, I'm sure the prison guards did make some good money, but by it's nature this kind of operation (all those computers, software, etc... going into a controlled enviroment, not to mention the simple issue of an internet connection out of prison) is something the authorities doubtlessly had knowlege of, and were taking a big cut of, and probably still are.

That said while we're nerds and video games are a big deal to us, all the gold farming, video game piracy, etc.. together isn't a big deal in the absolute scheme of things. I wouldn't even hint at the possibility of a war as a solution over just that. China's related behaviors overall though, accross every kind of product you can think of, well that is a big deal internationally, and arguably their prosperity is based off of it and comes at everyone else's expense. A lot of people have talked about the next great war (which might destroy the world) being East Vs. West, and honestly, I think it's quite probably going to happen over economics and trade (them causing the war, rather than preventing it). We're not there yet, but all statistics aside, things are getting worse, not better, and really I don't see them changing.

China: We're Beating the Pirates. That should teach them not to do it again.

Correction should be-

China can DETECT 38% of the pirates.

China is beating the pirates. It only took 18,633 civilian casualties, 3 extinct river species, the increase of CO2 presence to 340 PPM in Beijing, a 30% upsurge of infant femicide and the torture of 8 foreign nationals, but they're beating the pirates.

Come on guys, lay off china, you're beating the joke to death *zing*

But in all seriousness, really? I somehow doubt they've done a thing.

It sounds like China could beat the pirates by BEATING the pirates.

Eh? Ehhhhhh?

So beat the pirates but allow rip offs of tf2 and such to appear? gg china. Gg.

i think they mean something different when they say "beating"

Well, they just had to take a very blunt approach to the issue.

Oh look figures from a State run Chinese newspaper, must be legit...

Well, I can tell you that the number of pirated DVD stores seems to have dropped between when I went to Shanghai last summer and when I went three or four summers ago. Though, that could just me larger stores edging out the competition.

Grey Carter:
according to consultancy firm, China Labs

Aren't they called "consulting firms?" I've never heard the word consultancy used in that way.

... with sticks

(at least that was my first thought when read this title)

Aren't most people in China basically one of if not the main causes of Internet piracy? Especially in the video game market?

China:"We're beating pirates...literally"

Well I wouldn't be suprised, though I imagine they just made the numbers up to make it look like they're doing something.


Well I got ninja'd serveral times on that joke.

Is "pirates" code for Tibetans? If so then yes, they are beating the pirates.

In other news, Chinese pirates report that due to efforts on their part the authorities have a 50% lower chance of recognizing a person as a pirate.

Well, I can tell you that the number of pirated DVD stores seems to have dropped between when I went to Shanghai last summer and when I went three or four summers ago. Though, that could just me larger stores edging out the competition.

Grey Carter:
according to consultancy firm, China Labs

Aren't they called "consulting firms?" I've never heard the word consultancy used in that way.

It's not wrong, just redundant. "Consultancy" implies that it's a firm already. Anyway, I've fixed the error, thanks for pointing it out.

Finally punishing the absolute worst offenders is not the same thing as eliminating a problem, China.

just had to LOL.
china gives a damn about piracy. a friend of mine who lives in china, told me china really doesnt care. you can buy copied movies and games without any problems in shops or some smaller shops on the streets.
sure enough, he wasnt lying when i was visiting him.

It's not really being beaten at all. It is merely shifting from smaller, independent shops/stalls to established franchises. In many cases, these franchises are a form of co-operative, a joint venture established by a number of former successful, smaller, independent store/stall owners.

This is happening directly because of recent and current "interest in/actions against" piracy. Such actions should only be taken at face value, as they are specifically about saving face on an international stage. However, the one defining consequence here in China is the increased "kickbacks" required to operate such a business. The "overheads" are beyond the majority of smaller stores/stalls, hence the reduction in number of such businesses, and subsequent formation of franchises.

This is an example of how statistics are unreliable, and best used to support an untenable/untrue position or assertion. It is something at which this particular regime is very, very accomplished. It has to be, in order to maintain itself. I am using very careful, neutral language here, as I have been living/working here for 14 years, and would like to continue doing so.

Another important factor to note is the shift towards digital piracy, which is just...massive. You wouldn't believe it- every single piece of software, every piece of entertainment media you can imagine, right at one's fingertips within minutes, with zero moderation/intervention in sight. No-one under the age of 28 will even walk into a "Music/DVD" store anymore. It's another example of seriously skewed/selective statistics in a well-orchestrated international PR campaign.

China is an amazing place on many different levels, both positive and negative.

There is only one reaction to this that could even apply.

There is only one reaction to this that could even apply.

I wonder how much of a percentage of that video's views are due to it being posted on this site...

On topic: Assuming these stats are true and are not made up, it's going to make a bit more improvement to that percentage if you hope to have bragging rights about it. Considering how much their piracy issues cost software developers among other businesses, it'll take a lot more improvement before people take them seriously in their claims.

Captcha: Push on.

Keep trying China. Keep on pushing on...

Does this sound like a porno to anyone else?
"Beating Pirates"???

it's more along the lines that China just doesn't bother recognizing copyright laws haha

38% down on people who didn't pay their bribes.

Good grief this is the China Daily we're talking about they pull numbers out regularly pull numbers out off there ass. (More often than CNN, FNN or MSNBC anyway)

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