New Humble Indie Bundle Will Blow You Away - UPDATED

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Already have Bastion, Amnesia and Limbo but it was totally worth it just for the other games and for charity of course.

I didn't particularly enjoy Bastion when I played it on 360 but I'm willing to give it another shot on PC.

I already had Bastion and Psychonauts but seriously the amount of games in this pack is just awesome. Especially awesome when I saw that thay've added three more games. I love these guys.


Too bad I already have Psychonauts and Amnesia...but will definitely get this for the other games...

Don't feel bad, you are supporting indie devs and a worthwhile charity, feel good about it! I already own Bastion, Psychonauts, Super Meat Boy, and Braid. I still happily bought my bundle, at $10 I still feel good about my purchase.

I don't feel bad...i'd buy Psychonauts 5 more times (since I already own 3 versions of it) if I could...

I got the bundle last night and just finished installing everything. Interestingly enough, when I opened Psychonauts there were already save files in it, under the names Daniel, Dan, and Raz. I would think that they were my old saves that somehow got onto my laptop while I was transferring files (no idea why I'd call myself Dan), but apparently Daniel got to the asylum level in 3 hours and 18 minutes. I am far too slow and easily distracted to get that far that quickly. Hmmmm. This is a mystery indeed.

Yeah... So I guess I'm in the minority in only owning one of these games... XD

But wow, I liked the look of this enough to pay 3 times the average. (and I'm poor.)

Still, gotta laugh that the #1 contributor is listed as @notch, and the #2 is @humblebrony

So... We have notch, and a mlp fan as the top contributors. XD

I'll be honest: I owned bastion, super meat boy, psychonauts and braid before.

I bought it for amnesia and because it was the cheapest way to get the bastion soundtrack.

Sexy sexy FLACs.

did they add more games?

Well I gave a little over the average with $10.

Developers: 0.80
Charity: 8.70
Tip for the bandwidth: 0.50

...Release this for the 360 now.

I will cry now, okay?

So, Humble Bundle V, the one thing the internet pretty much unanimously agrees on deserving the title "BEST THING EVARRR", just got better...

Better download and play now because the end is nigh. D:

This is the best bundle yet. I would've bought it if I didn't already have Amnesia or Psychonauts, or if the average was lower.

It's kind of baffling that most of these are high-profile games that the kind of people who care about independent games more than likely already own. Even I bought Bastion, and I couldn't care less about the independent scene, by and large. And what in the world is Psychonauts doing there, anyway.

I owned zero of these games - I am now a happy chappy

And the captchas has me looking at the wife funny - baby blues

I don't buy things online, what with the lack of a credit card and all, but I'm getting one tomorrow just for this! It's too amazing of a deal to pass up!

Aw I already have Bastion for xbla. I'd get this mainly for Amnesia.

Also, if anybody wants a free game go here:

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