Romero: The Wii U Doesn't Look Innovative

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Romero? I find it hard to take the guy seriously. I still think of him as "That guy who took out a magazine ad to tell me how he was going to make me his b_tch."

And I still think of him as the true final boss in Doom II.


This is becoming a quick inside joke ITT.

I feel left out

At first, I read this thinking to myself, "he probably said the same thing about the Wii," but he raises a valid point, as the tablet already exists. His theory about IP's is probably true, and probably the reason that the Nintendo's Gamecube didn't turn out like Sega's Dreamcast.

Technically, it IS innovative... Just not a very useful innovation.

I mean, a screen in the controller? How's that going to revolutionize gaming?

I understand he was asked about his opinion. That said, the whole "If it was newsworthy, I would hear about it" reeks of huge ego.

Still has epic hair I see. Anyway [insert "Diakatana sucks even though I've never played it comment thus STFU John' /insert]

Anyway I'm underwhelmed by the Wii U as well but maybe that is just because my wii set on a shelf and collected dust for 3 years until I gave it to my little cousin.

I'm pretty sure that if you cut John Romero's hair, he loses his powers. You know, like Samson.

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