Zelda-Loving Dads Turn Nursery Into Hyrule

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It's the difference between chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Yeah, two different flavors, but at the end of the day it's just ice cream.

That's the whole point though... where I don't like Vanilla, I do like Chocolate.


D-did you play Majora's Mask? That game is NOT for little kids. It's dark... Darker than dark.
The skull kid's laugh still haunts my dreams...

No... actually. I wasn't a fan of the time constraint nor having to redo everything I did every time the days were up. I never even made it to the first dungeon in that game... so I basically did not.


Also, Windwaker's cell shaded art style was awesome IMO.

We differ on that opinion greatly.

Wow. Props to the dad for the awesome art!

Awesomeness... but I think it a little odd with the mention of it being specifically for a son. Sure, the art itself could have been changed to feature Tetra as opposed to Link for a little girl but I'm not sure why "adventure, creativity and exploration" should be considered interests specifically geared to little boys.

(:D awwww best dad ever

That isn't Hyrule, that's the Great Sea. Know your settings.

That is just awesome!

@StriderShinryu - you are right, I answer that over in the comments on my blog, as I worded it wrong in the text.
"Yeah, I may have not worded that right. My wife and I had already decided on those three values once we found out we were pregnant (before we knew gender). If it was a girl I think I would have used a different theme to convey them instead of a train and ship. Not saying the train and ship wouldn't have worked, I just would have centered the theme more around Zelda (or her pirate alter ego Tetra) rather than Link."

My only thing is... why did he only do it as soon as they found out they were having a boy? Girls like Zelda too. He could have made it for either. That kind of annoyed me. Awesome work, though. (No, I'd rather not start an issue over it.)

Edit: Cole explained right above me... all is good.

Now all that child needs is a fairy alarm clock to wake him up for each day's adventure.

Hey Listen as the tone.

Its cool but I was expecting a little more like a crib that looks like the king of red lions or a treasure chest toy box.

Troll Dad installs alarm clock that goes "HEY, LISTEN!" on repeat.

"As soon as I found out we were having a boy I knew I wanted his room to inspire adventure, creativity, and exploration,"

Good thing I looked ahead to see that someone said this was addressed on his blog. I looked at it and it is. I had a gender stereotype rant lined up that involved a Cooking Mama theme, but I'll have to keep it to myself.

Sweet room, I wish I could have had something like that when I was younger.

Uh, I don't see what having a little Boy has to do with it, but anyway...

awesome room, if I didn't have such a crappy landlord my Daughter would insist on a room like that, except covered in MLP.

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