38 Studios Founder is "All Tapped Out"

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Wow, I feel sorry for his family. They got screwed because he was irresponsible with his own money.

Not to sound heartless or anything and my sympathies go out to 38 employees and Curt Schilling himself, but I actually live next to the Schillings and go to high school with his son and they are colossal douche bags and it'll be kinda nice to see them taken down a peg.

OT: It really sucks that the guys dream game company was crushed due to some bad decisions and a asshole politician after only making one game, and not even the game he founded the company to make.

38 studios got in bed with EA with KoA. I have no sympathy for there collapse.

Schilling played for the Phillies and Red Sox. Me as a Braves and Yankees fan have no sympathy for him losing his fortune.

It's nice to know there are people in this world who completely ignore a human being suffering just for being part of a rival sports team.

Anyways, this really makes me sad. Kingdoms of Amalur was a decent game, I would've loved to see it get a sequel. It's just so sad reading about a person who had big dreams only for it to be crushed and their fortune lost.

Clearing the Eye:
I don't understand the flack directed towards the governor. I'd be getting antsy if I was flushing money down an MMO toilet, too. 38 Studios had no hope in Hell of making enough money back to ever recoup costs, let alone finance Curt's wild dreams. They spent way too much, made too little and aimed too high.

Well he was shown as against it then publicly revealed information which probably did contribute to the problems we are seeing. If they were about to sign a deal but lost it due to those negative comments it is a problem. This means he pretty much killed the company. I am skeptical of Schilling though.

One can only hope this doesn't cause any more ip stagnation than what we are already seeing. No wonder so many businesses are sticking to running and gunning mechanics. Everything else just ends you up broke, or the sworn enemy of a political official.

He sounds he trying to garner some sympathy. I'd be surprised if he really threw all his money into this venture. Not to mention I'm sure he still has plenty of assets left. If he really bet all his money on an MMO then no matter what the governor said, he only has himself to blame.

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