XBox Live Arcade Limit Raised to 250 MB

XBox Live Arcade Limit Raised to 250 MB

1Up sources claim that Microsfot has upped the file size limit on XBox Live Arcade downloads. They can now be up to 250 megabytes.

1Up reports that an anonymous source said the maximum size for an XBox Live Arcade download has been raised from 50 megabytes to 250 megabytes and may extend to 450 megabytes with Microsoft's approval. This is partially due to Microsoft's exception for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which will be 96 megabytes.

When asked for confirmation, Microsoft did not confirm or deny the rumor. "We do not comment on rumor and speculation and so we can not confirm that rumor. Aside from the exception we granted for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, we have not announced any plans to alter the file size standard for Xbox Live Arcade games. However, adjusting the size limit is certainly an option in the future, and as always, we are listening to feedback both from gamers and developers on what will provide the best user experience. Whatever choice we make, we will hold a position that provides for the best possible Xbox Live Arcade gameplay experience."


I wonder if RoboBlitz would have been such an awesome example of procedural texturing if the Live Arcade limit had been higher. It was released on the PC as well, but without that 50 MB limit, there wouldn't have been nearly as much pressure to implement and optimize procedural texturing.

necessity is the mother of invention


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