Blizzard Admits Diablo III End-Game Failure

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For crying out loud. The problem isnt that item hunting isnt sufficient, its one of the main reasons Diablo 2 is STILL going on...

The problem is that most items you get is FUCKING AWFUL and that there is NO motivation to look for items because good ones are nigh impossible to find! A friend of mine has cleared Inferno difficulty numerous times, and he still hasnt seen even ONE fucking set item, and only a handful legendaries ALL of which have been utter shit!

The item hunt might sustain the game if it was about something else than browsing the stupid AH for items you cant afford. Its a goddamn disaster, and it boggles my mind that they didnt see that this would be a trainwreck.

Fix the items, fuck the required champion hunts, and blow up whatever record breaking idiot it was that decided that there should be a link between items on AH and what drops everywhere. There is so many stupid decisions going on I'm exhausted.


No you are completely correct, but I'm sure there are a bunch of people that will try to argue the contrary. World of Warcraft Raids are essentially grind fests for loot, but if that's what people want, more power to them.

That's what I thought, and it's honestly why I've avoided games like those for years. I'm not sure I'll ever understand why people like that stuff so much. Testing out new character builds I could kind of get, but I actively try and avoid grind in any game I play. To the point that I've stopped playing games because grinding became necessary before.

To each their own of course, but grinding just feels like such a shallow experience to me.

I actually regret pre-ordering this game. Two of the main features I liked - 8 players at a time in the world and being able to go anywhere you had already previously visited were pulled. I simply underestimated exactly how much they meant to me. The loot system also seems a bit broken. I mean, if the trash loot is worth so little, why have it drop at all? Plus the really good stuff is so goddamn rare it feels like they were trying to boost their auction house at the expense of normal players. The only people who can farm for that shit are the perpetually unemployed and the gold farmers. They'll eventually fix it, but I should have waited a year.

Game does not have the addictive charm of Diablo 2. They seriously oversimplified the game.

Not worth $60. Got bored of the game when i realized i didn't have to do a single thing other than get from point A to B. Seriously, you make no decisions about character progression.

Story is bland and predictable. Which made going from point A to B even harder.

Act4 is a god damn joke.

Gonna have more fun with Torchlight 2 and i'll have spent 2/3 less money <.<

All i have left to look forward to is SC2 and thats only because im totally into SC2 eSports. what happened to Blizzard? besides losing their soul to Activision.

Item hunting is not something everyone is going to want to do considering there is a frickin' AUCTION HOUSE that everyone is expected to use. I don't use it based on principle and got into a game without a good set of gear. I was asked to leave and was directed to the auction house to gear up. Sheesh.

Unblemished record? I don't know about that. WotLK was pretty mediocre, and Cataclysm was absolutely terrible, even more so than Diablo 3 in my opinion. I can't even play SC2 anymore, but that's probably because I played Terran. I guess they're just banking everything on Titan, and don't care if they completely tank their other 3 franchises.

If there's no endgame, how are people killing Diablo on Hardcore already?



Also, you can't sort the issue of people struggling to log into servers if they have terribly inconsistent and unreliable internet connections, I've had to live with that burden for years, it's not fun.

Well then prehaps they shouldn't have bought a game whose 'Minimum Requirements' section flat out states that it requires a stable internet connection if they couldn't guarantee they would have one.

Oh come on, have a little sympathy for people who have been waiting for this game for years but didn't happen to meet said requirements.

No. i have no sympathy for players who are unable to get a decent internet connection. Its their own fault. And no, the excuse that your ISP is still in the 80s does not work, you let him stay there.

Huh. Makes me wonder why Blizzard would admit to any such faults when their game is supposedly the best "PC Game Evar".

I'm glad I take a more Absurdist perspective on life for just such occasions.
Or maybe they realized that grind alone isn't all that compelling.

Whatever. I already cut my ties with Blizzard and their products.
They want to force their shitty Bnet 2.0 service on their customers, fine. But they end up on my shitlist.


No. i have no sympathy for players who are unable to get a decent internet connection. Its their own fault. And no, the excuse that your ISP is still in the 80s does not work, you let him stay there.



Rocks are better than Diablo 3. Why aren't you playing rocks instead of Diablo 3? Compared to Diablo 3, rocks:

Don't have always online DRM.
Don't have an auction house.
Don't cost $60.
Have PvP.
Have an end game (Finding different kinds of rocks.)
Have interesting items.
Have support for custom mods.
Have support for more than four players.
Have expansion packs (Sticks.)

They have admitted it before now, mostly in how focused the patches were on the drop and loot systems, all of the patches have dealt primarily with loot. Nobody wants to spend 3 hours playing a bad storyline over and over again to find really clown-shoes items.

Also, my question to EVERY other comment ever about Diablo 3: "Who the fuck plays Diablo for singleplayer?"

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