PlayStation 3 Gets its First Region-Locked Game

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The only reason for region-locking, and even further, restricting sales to a particular region, is money. It always comes down to money. Fact: different currencies have different values. In China, a player can subscribe to WoW for $1 per month. In the West it's $10 (or thereabouts).

In poor countries where incomes are low, a console game simply will not sell for $60, which could be 20% of someone's monthly income. Hence region protection. By preventing casuals from importing/copying them, they will gain more sales in richer countries. If I could buy all my games at US prices, I'd be laughing, and our Autralian cousins would find themselves paying less than half what they're currently forced to.

In an interesting twist, it's pirates again who have the last laugh. Paying customers have to put up with copy protection, regional restrictions and different worldwide release dates, while the less scrupulous among us will be playing on launch day (or sooner) once any version of the game gets released without region restrictions, Origin requirements, DRM or different international release dates.

Well that's pretty weak. Wonder why they'd do this.

The game has dual audio and the dollar is down and the yen is up. They didn't want Japanese players importing the game in droves. And seeing as how they have confirmed that Persona 4: The Golden isn't going to be region-locked, I believe them when they call this an isolated case.

To anyone thinking this has anything to do with Atlus, it doesn't. They've had next to no involvement aside from story and music. The actual development and distribution lies with Arc System Works, And it's pretty shitty Atlus will probably get the blame for it...

Luckily for me, being European and all, I was planning on giving this game a pass anyway. I'm pretty ashamed this is happening as it is, let alone if I planned on importing it before our probable decade-away release.

Jeez, some people need to calm down...

It's really not that big of a deal, and if you're an American and complaining about it, thank God you're not an Atlus fan in europe... Now, that is an expensive past time and a need for lack of region locking!

Dood, if there is any time to anger up, this is it.

Like you said, if this becomes a thing, Europe is screwed and I was under the impression (Nintendo's absolutely bat-shit insane policies aside) that we had largely gotten past all this nonsense.

Gearhead mk2:
Sorry, did it look like I was defending them? I'm not, it's a stupid practice that means I can't watch Invader Zim because they didn't make europe-compatible copies. I'm just saying it's not a mindless fuck you like what EA does, it's a fuck you meant to enhance profit.

I assume this is on dvd, in which case you should buy yourself a cheap dvd player. the real cheapo dvd players save money by stripping out extras, such as the thing responsible for detecting the region lock XD
(not sure whether it's software or hardware, not that it matters, right? My expensive dvd player wouldn't play them, while the el'cheapo one for the spare room played it fine)

Arseholes, all this does is reduce sales. A good example is Deadly Premonition on the 360. I live in Asia and the only version I can play is the Japanese version. Guess what dipshit publishers we don't all speak Japanese on this vast fucking continent. I'm sure there are plenty of shooter (old school 2D) fans who'd love to buy ESPgaluda 2 and Dodonpatchi on the 360, but they fucking can't unless they have an NTSC-J system.

This crap drives me bonkers. Sympathies to any Persona fans who'll miss out because Atlus prefer sucking bags of dicks to earning profit.

Well that's pretty weak. Wonder why they'd do this.

Because as publishers consistently prove, they fucking hate money.

Yeah its pretty crap they are doing this and it seems its all because they are afraid people in Japan will import cheap copies from America because the dollar is doing crap? at least thats what I read into it. To be honest im a bit annoyed they are region locking it especially as I live in the UK and have to wait until someone else brings the game over here usually resulting in a months delay at the best of times.

I will still get the game its my no.1 looked forward to game of the year so unless they pulled some always online crap or made me sign up to some service to play I would still get it its just I feel this is not a good move on their part but I suppose arc systems arent exactly massive and need to maximise profit especially when games in america are so cheap anyway compared to most other places worldwide.

Why do they have to region lock all copies though? why not just region lock the american copies? surely they would be better off if people imported the Japanese and EU copies because it would cost them more and therefore Arc would see more profit sure it may cannibalise US sales but in this instance that would be a good thing as you still sell the same amount of game copies.

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