Flash Game Makes Players Beat Up "Tropes vs. Women" Creator

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Atmos Duality:

There's a difference between tackling controversy for the sake of action (advocating change) and for the sake of just stirring the shit pot for profit.

Except nothing you've said, nothing that's been said here at all, indicates she's in the latter category.

You condemn her because your overly glib interpretation of her prior works involve her just saying "the industry is bad" without offering a solution. I've looked at her prior videos, and your portrayal is simply wrong.

Also, "what is your plan?" Bad for the bush Administration, bad for any argument.

What is it about her works specifically that merits such rage and trolling, and why does it keep going back and forth without end?

What do you mean about her works specifically? This happens to virtually everyone who has such views. For someone who thinks it's just the same stuff over and over again, you must surely have recognised the related pattern of dismissal, trolling, hate threads and death threats.

Gamers aren't exactly friendly to change.

Zachary Amaranth:

Except nothing you've said, nothing that's been said here at all, indicates she's in the latter category.

Fine. She isn't a troll. Just the asshole White Knights who defend her at every turn are, given how I can't go to any of my normal sites without this topic being front-and-center.

I got really tired of it, and said something out of a moment of anger. At the time, I thought she was another feminist who talks a lot of shit, but provides no alternatives (a personal pet peeve of mine are people who complain and advocate for change, but abjectly refuse to provide even a simple solution).
Her work is more analytical, which is to say, more about identifying the problem.

As for her work, I'm not against stronger feminine characters, but this is a problem with NO SOLUTION so long as gaming companies stick to their hyper-conservative routine: Which means pandering to the safest, most proven demographics.

Beyond that, I don't know what the hell you have against me, but I'm tired of it. I'm tired of White Knights on the net, and I'm tired of this topic especially.

Good day.

There are tons of similar games.
Justin Bieber, George Bush etc etc.

Now I don't think it requires a crate full of credits to do what she's doing, but then I remember I'm not the one giving her money.

So I could care less, this guy should too.

should just ignore feminists most of the time they have no idea what theyre talking about anyway

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