Peter Molyneux Explains His Crazy Curiosity Cube

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This comes to mind every time I hear about this.

And I honestly want it to be nothing but a note saying "You just spent time and money taking apart a box. I hope you've learned something."

BTW, I bet the money is going to go to some charity, and the thing in the cube will detail how you've positively impacted lives with your overpriced chisel. At least that's what I'd do.

That's not a bad idea. A cash lottery (as others have speculated) is going to be illegal in most of the developed world. I like it.

What if everyone wants to be the last person and so to save money, little to no one actually chips away at it?

Sounds like silly a waste of time and money to me.

Even if you get given all the money everyone paid at the end there is so small a chance you will be the one to do it it isn't even worth thinking about.

It is going to be as depressingly under whelming as Fable.

The bloke peaked between Powermonger and Dungeon Keeper, a good seven year run, quality games...

Then he went all "promises that sort of delivered by not really": Black and White...

Then he sold out to Microsoft and we had the chatting to a kid Milo shambles that was an attempt to pretend the Kinnect was something other than an excuse to milk console owners silly enough to buy it rather than developing a new system.

Here he is over promising:

Yeah, he likes to promise stuff does Peter. A shame, cos he was brillant.

There is a minimum amount of time, actually. It's clock cycles on whatever server is the backend for the cube. I think that the possibility of multiple people actually ending up tapping the last bit at the same clock cycle (Processor speeds measure in Ghz, so 1000ths of a second) is actually a small concern. but who knows. Maybe it will happen, and we will come up with some new tech or methods to deal with problems like this.

This thing again?
And pretty much the same story as last time.
Molyneux didn't deserve any attention for this that time either! :@

Maybe if we ignore him and his pretentious one-man circle jerks he'll go off and be a failure at something else. Just seeing his name every damn day here I feel is a waste of precious brain space.

I fully expect that the man with the chisel that destroys thousands of blocks will win.


This sounds like something out of austin powers or death note...

I can imagine him doing the pinkie to lip thing as I type this...

it'll offer "the winner" a job with peter & his co.

and ofc you'll fit right in because you'll be a *insert derogatory term* right up until you get nudged out the door once the spotlight is off you and they can't think of anything for you to do that befits your obvious talent as a gamer in defeating said cube...

that's how it'll be "life changing".

anyone wanna take that bet ? (joke)

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