Konami Patches Silent Hill HD Collection

Konami Patches Silent Hill HD Collection


Silent Hill HD Collection players can now battle eldritch horrors instead of bugs and frame rate issues.

Silent Hill HD Collection, which collects installments two and three of Konami's venerable horror series, is a complete mess by most accounts. The PS2-era games run poorly despite the stronger hardware, and their visuals are marred by rendering bugs and issues with the series' trademark fog. Fortunately, Konami has released a patch for the PS3 version, which apparently fixes the frame rate, voice-synchronization and fog density issues, as well as the numerous sound bugs. The patch was promised to arrive "in the coming weeks" back in April. There's no news on if or when the 360 version of the collection will be patched.

According to Senior Associate Producer, Tomm Hulett, a number of the collection's numerous bugs and quirks can be put down to the fact the development team was working with unfinished code. Konami had, apparently, forgotten to save finished copies of the games, forcing the developers to spend months fixing bugs that hadn't been present in the original retail versions.

The damage may be already done, however. Aside from generating cash, ostensibly the point of these HD remakes is to spruce up titles limited by the technology of their time. If the HD ports manage to be both worse and more expensive than their still available original counterparts, what's the point?

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Jokes on them, I just found the special edition of number 2 in a CEX HA!... oh wait my 4th PS2 just crashed... SOOONNNY!!!

The apparent lack of fog in the SH2 port was what turned me off from buying the HD collection. I mean, whats the point of playing a Silent Hill game without one of the town's most important elements? Anyways, might give this a shot after all once I see the patched game in action.

I'd better NOT be able to see what they did there!

Disappointing. Had I been told the Xbox 360 version had been patched I'd be ordering it this very minute.

Hm. I just finished Silent Hill 2 from the HD collection last night and it was bug-free as far as I could tell. I haven't started the SH3 campaign yet.

The point? Lord knows as it seems that even Konami doesn't have a clue. Anyway, this might actually make me get it, though I'll wait until somebody says the problems are more than just apparently fixed.

So, will this fix the issues with the lack of fog?

I'll probably still pass on this. Not only do I still have the originals and a working PS2, I don't want to encourage them to release future titles that are filled with bugs they had to have known about before release by giving them another sale.

meh, guys if you have a somewhat decent computer, nothing fancy, hell mine´s 5 years old, you can play both SH2 Restless Dreams and SH3 Bug Free, Fully Fogged, Antialiasing x 4, 1920 X 1080 Resolution, etc you get the idea, and you dont have to deal with these half assed ports

If it at least brings the game back up to the standards of the originals, I'll give it a go. Failing that, I'm not entirely sure I'll bother.

Seriously, it's not that bad. Maybe it all spontaneously goes to shit the moment you reach 3 but as far as 2 goes I haven't had any major framerate issues and while the fog has been pushed back somewhat it's still very much there. It works better then the Xbox copy I had been playing.

Yes, the bug with the lake is a disappointment, but otherwise it's a fantastic package that preserves all the atmosphere of the original and looks way better as well. What more could you want?

Any word on how well the patch works? I might get this, if the patch is good enough.

P.S. Thanks

Hopefully it will go better than their last patch...

Still don't care, and seeing as I still have the originals, why should I bother with this?


I'll probably still pass on this. Not only do I still have the originals and a working PS2, I don't want to encourage them to release future titles that are filled with bugs they had to have known about before release by giving them another sale.

The other reason I'm not gonna bother. In anycase, they better hope this works in their favor, otherwise they have a lot of fixing to do, and it probably won't be with the game.

I was interested, but as others have said, I own the originals and a working PS2 system, so no incentive. If however, games had their patches burnt to the disk, permanently fixing them then I'd totally snap up a copy of this, but as it stands there's no point for me. A shame really, I loved the idea of these HD collections, but so many of them are just not appealing to me in the right ways, I mean, a Metal Gear collection without Metal Gear Solid? No deal folks, no deal.


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