Catholics, Buddhists Join Hindu Protests Against Smite

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Couple of things to say.

First, that how could these guys be trivialized, they are fighting each other. In the early stages of the game you are kinda weak, but getting killed by a fireball from a tower changes the moment you realize no one said what tower it was. Five gods building a mystical turret? That'll kill you. Same with Phoenixes and the Minotaur. Just think that gods made and powered them.

Second, they really can't add a monotheist religion's god in. What?
Ability 1: Kill all the enemies.
Ability 2: Heal all your allies.
Ability 3: Make your allies invulnerable.
Ability 4: Win the game.

I see that being fun. Playing Smite in God... God-god mode.

Third, it really teaches a lot. Each god has a lore section you can read. Plus, a lot of the abilities are actual ones. What better way to learn about other religions? (Monotheist ones are pretty widespread already) Where else do you find out about Greek or Roman Gods? Percy Jackson? They are placed completely out of context there. Smite keeps the lore and all.

Plus its pretty decent. (Except Freya. That's just a bit weird.

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