Hard Reset Serves Up the Freebies

Hard Reset Serves Up the Freebies

The makers of Hard Reset have put out a sweet digital art book and some free DLC.

Hard Reset isn't the sort of game that changes the world, but it's a fun, high-intensity shooter with lots of explosions and a kooky plot that's happy enough to stay out of your way. It's the kind of thing you play, enjoy and then very quickly forget - unless the developer happens to slap together some new stuff and then shovels it out the door for free. Which is exactly what the guys at Flying Wild Hog have done.

First up, the Hard Reset Art Book, a big, beefy PDF featuring concept art, in-game assets, storyboards, close-ups of weapons and enemies and quite a bit more. It's actually a very impressive collection (although understanding any of the notations will require fluency in Polish) and while a new art book for a shooter that's pushing a year old is kind of an odd thing to release, it's both cool and free, which are two mighty big plusses. Grab it here!

You don't need to have the game installed to check out the art book but you might want to get it back on your rig if you haven't yet played the Hard Reset: Exile DLC. Exile continues the Hard Reset story (which doesn't really mean much, since the plot is utterly incomprehensible) and features five new levels set in the Barrens outside the great city of Bezoar, four new enemies plus a new boss fight, two "Survival" maps and additional cheevos. Best of all, it too is free to owners of the original game.

And if you don't happen to own the game and wonder what it's all about, this is as good a time to jump the bandwagon as any: the Hard Reset Extended Edition, which includes the Exile expansion, is currently going for $3.75 as part of the Steam Summer Sale.

UPDATE: More art book links! If the original is out of action, you may now try your luck with Zippyshare and MediaFire.


The url for the art book isn't working.

EDIT: nvm it's now identified as a traffic issue rather than broken url.

Let me see if I can find it elsewhere.

Did the camera man wipe his hand on the lens after eating a king size Hershey bar?

More art book links posted!

OOOO-RAH! Now I know why I downloaded an update larger than a gig for that game!

I've been playing this for over a week now.

Free content is always nice. In this case, it's especially nice considering how abrupt the ending was for the original game.

If it's anything like the original game, I'm happy :) I really liked it. Good oldskool shooter action with ability to carry every weapon in the game at once.

Also, non-regenerating healthbars.


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