Nintendo No Longer Losing Money on Each 3DS Sold

Nintendo No Longer Losing Money on Each 3DS Sold


3DS sales are "improving" while manufacturing costs shrink.

As of today, the 3DS is no longer being sold at a loss. Selling hardware for less than it costs to make, market and transport isn't unusual in the console industry - game sales are expected to make up for the lost capital - but it's a business model Nintendo rarely employs. The company was forced to cut $80 off the price of the 3DS in response to a luke-warm launch, which in turn contributed to a company-wide money deficiency. The gambit worked: despite grumbling from users who'd already bought the handheld at full price, sales quickly picked up, but at a substantial cost to Nintendo's bottom line.

Today, Nintendo described sales of the 3DS as "improving," and revealed worldwide sales had hit the 19 million unit mark. 1.86 million units were sold between April and June, a million more than were sold in the same period last year. Total sales of the handheld now stand at 52.81 million.

Despite the improvement, Nintendo is still in the red. The company lost 17.2 billion yen (roughly US $220 million) over the past three months, which is still better than the 25.5 billion yen ($326.3 million) it lost in the same period last year.

The company expects to return to profitability by the end of March 2013. It's banking on a predicted 18.5 million 3DS sales, and sales of the Wii U to bolster its finances. Nintendo hasn't made any exact sales predictions for the upcoming Wii U, but it did say it plans to sell 10.5 million Wii and Wii U units during the twelve months ending next march. Considering Wii sales have slowed to a trickle over the past few months, it seems unlikely the original U-less model will make up a sizable portion of that number unless there's a big price cut on the horizon.

Source: Eurogamer


I was lucky... got my 3ds way back in April 2011 with a free game for the same price they ended up dropping to. So not only did I still get it cheaper and earlier then the reduced price; but I got the 20 free Nes and GBA games too :D

I really like my 3DS, but it has improved a lot over the past year. Every update makes it better, and there are some solid titles on the platform now.

Doesn't surprise me, the Library is improving (if you're a little kid)

I'd probably get it if I could afford to, I wanted to play Kid Icarus quite badly.

I bought one at launch, & I've barely touched it since. Glad sales are starting to pick up though.

All I took from this was: Lengend of zelda 3DS. wantwantwantwantwantwantitnow.

All I took from this was: Lengend of zelda 3DS. wantwantwantwantwantwantitnow.

Where've you been? That thing's been out since OoT3D.

so 3DS is back to printing money for nin-skydog ? won't that pizz off the xbox fanboys... i can't wait for more wiseguys posting in this thread about how ninskydog is DOOMED again.

here's looking at you, jediMB!


All I took from this was: Lengend of zelda 3DS. wantwantwantwantwantwantitnow.

Where've you been? That thing's been out since OoT3D.

Under a university based rock. I pay no attention to games when I'm at uni.

I hope they learned their lesson...

If you want your console to sell, release some games to go along with it...
and not just some crappy rushed out titles or ports from other consoles.
I'm still waiting for paper mario 3DS....

So, nintendo, if you're placing all of your hope in WiiU sales, please for the love of gaming release some good, anticipated, and perhaps 1st party games to go with it.(Pikmin 3 will sell the WiiU SO fast)

Oh, I know Mario games sell 'n stuff...but the "new" series couldn't get any older at this point.
Super Mario Sunshine 2 anyone?

My 3DS is getting plenty of love... though I'm actually damn surprised that most of my 3DS purchases have been from the e-Shop.

I only have Ocarina of Time and Kid Icarus for the 3DS, but I promptly downloaded and enjoyed Pushmo, Mighty Switch Force, Dillon's Rolling Western, Sakura Samurai, Four Swords Anniversary, and, as an Ambassador, those 20 sweet, free games, of which I've only beaten a few.

Nintendo is a company that is constantly behind the curve. The reason no one bought the 3DS at launch is because it launched with 2 games on it, and neither one was worth anything. Then drop the price after loyal fans like me and several others put up with that bullcrap? And the Ambassador Program was a complete joke! 10 NES games, 9 of which I already had on my Wii from years ago. 10 GBA games, 3 of which were any good. No Golden Sun? What the crap was that?
And Nintendo is still pulling crap. Every system it has released since the Cube has been gimmicky. Don't get me wrong, I loved my DS and the Wii, and the 3DS but nintendo's focus has been more about making stupid games that suit its gimmicky bullshit (Skyward Sword was a prime example) rather than making quality games. And I mean come on, when the bigger percentage of your 3DS library is riding off 4 remakes of games that are 10 years old, you have serious problems. I don't want another New Super Mario Bros Wii. I want the Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing and other games I've been promised since March 2011. Nintendo needs to stop focusing on stupid moves like StreetPass, motion controls and humongous touch screen controllers, and start making quality games like it used to, otherwise its just a matter of time before they pull a Sega and shoot themselves in the foot before they completely disappear from the games market. They can only ride on nostalgia for so long while sony and microsoft are offering quality games for hardcore and casual gamers alike.

Glad to see it doing well, recently got mine and I love it!

I planned on buying one shortly before Megaman Legends 3 came out. *sigh*

Now I'm waiting for Paper Mario. I might regret it if it's as much as a disappointment as the super version was. Ah well.

I bought it, but I have played the living hell out of the 4 games I have on this. I'm ready for more. And no gimmicky shit either. I just wish more games supported the circle pad pro, and not like that bust that was Kid Icarus, what a massive fuck up. Developers always come off as total fuck holes when they try to tell people how the game should be played.


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