Museum Features Katamari Damacy as "Modern Videogame Classic"

Museum Features Katamari Damacy as "Modern Videogame Classic"


A PS2 cult classic from Namco Bandai is hailed as a prime example of progressive design for children.

The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art has a new exhibition: a survey of 100 years of modern design for children, which will run from July 29th to November 5th 2012. It covers everything from clothing to architecture, but those who remember the PS2 fondly have something special to look forward to. Katamari Damacy, Namco Bandai's sleeper hit from 2004, has been chosen by MoMA as a prime example of progressive design for children.

"Namco Bandai Games' Katamari Damacy has touched countless people, from children to adults, and is truly a modern videogame classic," said Namco Bandai spokesman Carlson Choi. He went on to say that the inclusion of Katamari Damacy was "a testament" to Namco Bandai games design principles and that it "shows the importance of video games in peoples' lives in addition to being a validation of video games as a modern form of interactive art."

Katamari Damacy, a game in which the player rolls everything in sight up in one big ball of stuff, was a surprise success when it was first released in 2004. It didn't set the Japanese market on fire at its initial release but later in the year, when word of mouth had spread, it sold extremely well. It sold out in North America, which came as a shock to Namco Bandai executives as they'd thought it too quirky a game to do well in that market. It has since become a cult classic, and spawned several sequels.

MoMA's Century of the Child is based on a 1900 book of the same name by social theorist Ellen Key. Key believed that the 20th Century would make childhood and children paramount, as society began paying more attention to the rights and well-being of the young. "Taking inspiration from Key," the MoMA exhibition précis says, "this exhibition will examine individual and collective visions for the material world of children, from utopian dreams for the 'citizens of the future' to the dark realities of political conflict and exploitation." The exhibit's official website can be found here.


I loved Katamari Damacy. It was so wacky and fun to play. The controls to me were kinda wonky but I managed to get over that. Glad to see it gets some recognition because whenever I tell people about the game they have the most confused look on their faces saying they've never heard of it.

I consider it one of the best games of all time and it is great for kids... and grownups who like to smoke a bone before playing.
Sounds like a cool exhibit overall; I'll have to check that out.

And I'd like to add that 2004 was just a great year for gaming. Besides Katamari, that's also the year San Andreas and Burnout Revenge came out.

Still one of the weirdest games ever and I'll love my copy of it forever.

I loved Katamari Damacy. It was so quirky and bizarre and tons of fun to play. Worthy of being immortalized in a museum.

Na naaaa, nanana nana nana, nanana nana naaaaaaa.

Great to see them displaying an amazing game.

Na naaaa, nanana nana nana, nanana nana naaaaaaa.

Great to see them displaying an amazing game.

Haha! I was just thinking about posting that. You're fantastic. :3

OT: It's really nice to see that game get recognition. It's such a crazy game.

K.D. is better than Portal. Just sayin'...

The music was a major part of why I liked it. That and the panic exhibited by everything about to be rolled up.

Some of the side levels were crazy hard to do. I don't think I'll even collect all the paper cranes, but I did complete Virgo.

One of my favorite levels is the Gingerbread house, but I also like the ones where you are seemingly interrupting different things like a sumo match or a flea market etc. and you randomly roll up bigfoot or a kappa or something.

Or you see mecha godzilla fighting a giant squid or some random superhero.

Always nice to see Katamari. Keep up the good work.

Yup, Katamari is awesome.

They can list it as a classic in 2024.

Sadly Katamari Touch was way too short and dissapointing after Katamari Forever :/

Does the plaque read "Simple, shallow and stupid?" Of all the games to choose from -_-

I'm so in love with you, I want to roll you up into my life...
Let's roll up to make, a single star in the sky...

Beautiful art design, simple concept/controls, addictive non-violent gameplay, unforgettable music..."Modern Videogame Classic" isn't doing it justice.

Clearing the Eye:
Does the plaque read "Simple, shallow and stupid?" Of all the games to choose from -_-

Although, I admit, it probably isn't for everyone. "Royal Rainbow!" was ridiculous. But I loved it.


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