Mafia 3 Might Be a Next Gen Launch Title

Mafia 3 Might Be a Next Gen Launch Title


Next generation graphics were an offer 2K Czech couldn't refuse.

The first Mafia game lived up to the promise of embodying an Italian gangster in the mid-Twentieth Century without that pesky Godfather license getting in the way. Mafia II was even better, and given our industry's proclivities for sequels, it seems odd a Mafia III wasn't on Take Two Interactive's books. An unnamed source from the 2K Czech studio that made the first two games leaked the fact that Mafia III is in fact under construction, and it might just be intended for the as-yet-unannounced PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 consoles.

The source from within 2K Czech told the website that the third Mafia installment was initially planned for this generation, but was pushed back to accommodate the newer consoles. The potential release window for Mafia III is in 2013, according to the source.

After contacting 2K Games for a comment, VG247 received a terse replay. "2K [Games] does not comment on internet rumor or speculation," the representative stated.

While many of us news-starved nerds will grasp at whatever straws we can regarding the next generation of consoles, this was the first rumor that actually got me excited about a potential game with new hardware. Imagine if Mafia III used the facial technology in another Take Two game, L.A. Noire and delivered it in a photo-realistic presentation. How awesome would that be?

Source: (in Czech) via VG247


Well of course they'd deny it. They're going to hold off the release until the current console generation has joined...

*puts on sun-glasses*

...the Departed

I want to play this game. Hope it still comes out for pc.

"next generation"

Why will next-gen consoles have photo realism? If the leaks are correct, the Durango will have the same specs as my PC, and this thing is three years old already.

As for Mafia 3.. I want to be excited, as I was excited for Mafia 2 but um.. why bother if it's going to be another empty linear sandbox? Sure I thought the story was great, just the whole waste of potential for some open world fun left bit of a sour taste.

i think ill be completely skipping the next console generation this focus on photo realism is going to creep me the hell out with entire games stuck in the uncanny valley. sorry i cant get emotionally involved in the lives of npcs who look... off


Oh wait, I couldn't give less of a shit about whether mafia burns and dies or not.

So whatever.

Or maybe they just want a moderately powerful machine so they can have good draw distances, halfway passable AI and rapid level loads? Maybe the current generation of consoles just isn't powerful enough to do the basic things anymore because gamers expect more?


I respectfully disagree with the opinion that Mafia 2 was a great game. It was okay at best. The shoehorned sandbox aspect really ruined the game from my perspective. I may pick up Mafia 3, but this time I won't preorder it like the last iteration.

So in the next game we'll have a beautiful world where you can literally count the nose hairs on a character along with a well-crafted, emotional storyline where there are no stereotypical protagonists and antagonists AND... It will last half an hour if we're gonna go by the last Mafia game.

Seriously, that thing was so well written, the characters (sans Vito, he was bland) were endearing and the world was beautiful. But it felt so... fucking... short. And all the bullshit drive-around padding didn't help either. The game was so good and so crap at the same time that it breaks my heart. All that potential--wasted.

We require new console generations for new IP to be released.
-2K games, last week

We are releasing some old IP on a new console generation.
-2K games, this week.


It most likely will not be a launch title, as they don't aren't likely to get it done in time, but it will be on next gen consoles, according to Gamespot.

The main reason I didn't get Mafia II was that it lacked a framing device. The christmas trailer had me psyched thinking it would be about a guy in confession detailing his life in flashbacks... But it wasn't to be );

well Mafia 2 was very graphical demanding, so its no wodner mafia 3 will continue the tradition of utilizing the most graphical deman, ergo the next gen. Oh wait, we already have the graphical power of next Gen. in our PCs.

I didn't like Mafia 2. I drove around in Mafia 1 a lot, it was one of my first openworld games. I got vice city later.
The Freeride mode was the best, just driving around and making stuff explode. Then there where the Challenges in which i could get some impossible Cars and make more Stuff explode. Awesome.
Again, my first Sandboxgame.
Although i couldn't get over the stupid storytwist. So the Boss betrays you and so your Friend tells you: "Hey. let's rob us one of the Boss's Banks!" and your Character goes along with that and from then on, everything goes to shit.

In the second Game, the stupid twist comes again. "Oh please tell me this isn't going to be as moronic as the first Game!" i thought. But then it was. And thus, i discovered my Powers of Clairvoyance.
Also, apparently i have to pay extra now for the freeride mode.

Will the stupid storytwist in Mafia 3 be even stupider?

Author lost me with Mafia II was better.

I would actually like for the Mafia series to keep a tradition of only making sequels with a new console generation I really loved both mafia 1&2 mainly for the stories and characters so hopefully the next game will have that at least

So Mafia 3 is too pretentious for us? Fine.

I love Mafia II and prefer it to I.
The controls are simpler, the story richer and the radio was barrels of fun. Roll on three :)


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