Rumor: Next Plants vs. Zombies Inspired by Team Fortress 2

Rumor: Next Plants vs. Zombies Inspired by Team Fortress 2


Former EA Black Box developers may be taking the Plants vs. Zombies series in an unexpected direction.

Plants vs. Zombies has appeared on numerous platforms since its PC release in 2009, becoming one of PopCap's most successful and critically acclaimed games. It's only fitting that the developer would want to continue the series, but the next Plants vs. Zombies title may not utilize the original's tower defense gameplay. According to industry sources and a mysterious PopCap Games job listing, the follow-up to Plants vs. Zombies could be a multiplayer shooter.

While this rumor is unconfirmed, Kotaku's sources told the website that a small team at PopCap was working on a Plants vs. Zombies console game "in the vein of Team Fortress 2." The development team is reportedly made mostly of former EA Black Box members, and the project is in the early stages. If the sources are correct, it will be submitted for PopCap's final approval later this month.

An expired PopCap job listing may be related to the rumored Plants vs. Zombies shooter; the position, Multiplayer Designer, required "previous experience as a Multiplayer Level Designer on a shipped shooter or action title."

Of course, even if developers are working on a Plants vs. Zombies multiplayer shooter, it may not receive final approval from PopCap. Also, "in the vein of Team Fortress 2" could refer to the art style and not necessarily the gameplay. The over-the-top style of Team Fortress would be a good fit for the series, though it would still be a bit strange to see it stray so far from its tower defense roots.

Source: Kotaku via GamesRadar


Plants vs. Zombies could be a multiplayer shooter.

Oh man, that was a good one.

If that's the case, I can't wait to see Bejeweled 4. I hear Micheal Bay is making it into a movie.

OT: Another great franchise potentially down the toilet. But I might have to see some gameplay first before I get skeptical.

I can't see this happening but if it's true then they have my attention.

I really liked PvZ.

I guess I would prefer a Plants vs Zombies that is more like the original, but with a new story and new plants and zombies. However I do like Plants vs Zombies a lot so I would check it out no matter how a possible sequel turned out.

No, just no.
No, no ,no ,no ,no!!!
That's a bad EA.
I don't have anything else to say about it.

I had an idea like this a while ago... only explanation is they're stealing my thoughts.

But seriously, if it has to be a shooter based on TF2, let it be four player co-op where everyone plays engineers with gardening tools and magic seeds, styled more after COD zombies than anything.

Call it Battlefield Zombie Garden, and release a proper Plants Vs. Zombies 2 later that year.

I'm getting the feeling that it's going to be about sentient plant people being the last survivors of a zombie apocalypse, also it's being done in the vein of left 4 dead, and it uses battelfield mechanics.

Black Box? Coming from EA, it's more like Pandora's Box.

Wait... this game has already been announced, hasn't it? *searches disorganized files in brain* Fortnite! Right? Isn't this Fortnite? But with plants?

No, see, marketing sent us this report last week; all the games we put guns in make money, therefore if we put guns in this game, it will make money. LOGIC!

We seem to have missed the big one here.
It's Team Fortress 2 they're drawing inspiration from.
So you know what's coming...


EA is like some deranged person with an obsession for taking loved franchises and making them into shooters. Should I feel sorry for them?

Given the variety of modes available on the console versions of PvZ, I wouldn't be surprised if this is simply for a FPS *mode* they're throwing into the sequel because, well, why not?

Also thinking about how the last 5 TIMES it sounded like PopCap was working on Plants Vs. Zombies 2 it ended up being a false alarm.

... I would totally buy this...

This sounds like a bad joke. I'm waiting for the next Checkpoint, where it'll probably become a good one.

(Though I admit I'd totally buy a Plants Zombies shooter that was inspired by TF2 and had asymmetric teams.)

So they're making Dungeon Defenders?

well I have a seed of hope. At least they're bringing this franchise back from the dead.


I think everyone knows how badly EA wants everything to turn into a Call of Duty clone. Nevermind that CoD is ActiBlizz's second cash cow.

I predict nothing if a repeat of the Old Republic's performance.

*sighs* Sometimes, I feel like dropping myself in a cryo tube and waking up fifty years from now, in the vain hopes that the world will have moved beyond Brown Military Shooters or Generally Guns-Oriented Gameplay.

Oh my, images of sunflowers wearing hats running through my mind.

I heard this rumor but I find it to be wildly inconsistent with what is being stated. It seems much more likely that the next PvZ will simply be free to play, with unlockable plants and/or powers that can be gotten more quickly through microtransactions, coupled with aestetic items in a store. I mean it could be a shooter, but simply using the business model seems more likely.

If it is a shooter...well...I'm at least intrigued. A straight up shooter would be silly, but if it was a Sanctum/Orcs Must Die sort of FPS/Shooter hybrid, it could work. It would be drastically different, but it could still work.

One one hand, we have people saying this means "Free to Play PvZ". Now, if they keep the structure of the original game, where certain zombies each wave can only be effectively countered by one specific type of plant, this presents a problem to me.

On the other, "PvZ is being turned into Battlefield of Honor clone, fuck EA!" Slow your roll, think about it like this. One team gets fixed flower emplacements, each player filling into an emplacement to either shoot zombies or play minigames to buff teammate abilities. The other team gets a fixed amount of respawns, and is able to select from various zombie loadouts. Their gameplay would be less about quickly dodging projectiles (hard to do as a shuffling zombie) so much as staying in one piece long enough to deliver melee strikes. I'm even picturing a rage system, where a zombie eats plants faster/hits them harder the closer it is to being re-dead.

...I'm more excited about the second option now that I've thought about it.

Well, fuck that shit. This internet guy is outta here, PEACE!

Don't you fucking do this to me PopCap, PvZ is one of the fucking best and most balanced difficulty tower defense games I have ever fucking played.

Do not shit all over what is one of your most fun games ever and turn it into a god damn piece of shit first person shooter.

Oh and if any following poster takes my post as an attack on TF2, maybe learn to get your boner for the game under control and realize that I don't want the game to be an FPS and 'not' that I hate TF2, because I don't hate that game, I have 'no' feelings towards it whatsoever.

I don't care what 'fresh' ideas are involved, I don't give a flying fuck how 'fun' it could be, I don't care if it's a Dungeon Defenders clo- Okay, if it's LIKE that, then I'd be game... MAYBE...

But otherwise, I want this series to stay untouched. They solidified some perfect gameplay mechanics in the first and at this point, all I wanna see them do is expand on the game and maybe improve the multiplayer component they implemented into the Xbox version of the game.

tl;dr I DON'T LIKE CHANGE!! :<

At least not for PvZ.

Allright everyone say it with me.


(This is probably a kneejerk reaction but this has EA written all over it)

The first Plants vs Zombies was a rare jewel that both casual and hardcore loved, a game that myself, sister and even mother enjoyed. I doubt that my mother would buy multiplayer FPS sequel.

Captcha: closed, expensive, POS

Your troll protection service has detected an unknown post that may or may not be a troll, *DO YOU WISH TO CONTINUE?*

Hmmmm... what if Popcap meant that the next PvZ would have a heavier Rock-Paper-Scissors feel to it? Ya know like:

Engie < Spy < Pyro... etc.

Instead of having a TON of plants they would have a smaller "core" set of plants of which some are better in certain situations than others, but the different plants must work cohesively to defeat the zombies.

For instance:
- A plant that can boost the effectiveness of other plants around it... but is in itself defenseless?
- A slow firing plant that does massive damage (such as the Mellonpult) but isn't very effective against crowds of zombies.

Personally I hope that PvZ 2 pulls away slightly from the "row" concept and allows you to plant your plants at angles to maximize their effectiveness. I feel that this might be too much for the more "causal" crowd as there might be too many factors to manage. I have herd PvZ described as "brainless" fun (punny right?), but still having a layer of strategy. Instead of this being a bad thing however this is what makes it the perfect "gateway drug" for casuals... and changing the formula to be more complex would alienate them instead of draw them back in.

...just my thoughts...

I can actually see this kinda working. The art styles are similar over the top cartoonish, both have very silly senses of humor. Done right, I think this could turn into a really fun game.

I can't see this happening but if it's true then they have my attention.

I really liked PvZ.

thats kinda what I thought, "hey, if this it true, it might be really interesting and even innovative!" Then I remembered, they are now owned by EA... They aren't being innovative, they are actually going so far as to turn a great game into a generic multiplayer shooter! :'(


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