Konami Offers Exchanges on 360 Silent Hill HD Collection

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This game could've been a super easy slam dunk for Konami it's a series people love and will buy. All you had to do was make it work well and they couldn't swing that.

I can't wrap my head around this. How on earth is this the better choice financially and from a PR standpoint for Konami? I mean I've had plenty of games where the company NEVER patches a broken issue or says anything about it so I guess it's slightly better than that.
I've got the game on ps3 and haven't had any of the issues people were complaining about since day one. Ya know, other than it just generally not looking very good or HD.

good thing i read this. i was bored and looking for a new horror and the new collection crossed my mind. screw this shit, i'm getting the BFG collection for Doom.

Thank god I own both systems so it's no big deal to me, time to get the ps3 version 100% for sure.

There was a bug here... wait, it's still there.

Glad I never went out and got it. It's good to see some companies still release broken products and somehow think it's perfectly okay to leave it as such since it's only to a "minority of users". That's a bold and cold response to your user base. I'm glad they care so much.

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