New York Times Crosswords for Nintendo DS

New York Times Crosswords for Nintendo DS

Majesco Entertainment Company has announced The New York Times Crosswords for the Nintendo DS.

Majesco Vice President of Marketing Ken Gold promises puzzle enthusiasts "challenging fun" and notes that the addition of handwriting recognition allows crossworders the ability to play with others "on the go."

The New York Times Crosswords features over 1,000 puzzles, and players can write in their answers or use a touch screen keyboard. There are multiple play modes; Puzzle Week features extended play and progressive difficulty, and Challenge Mode offers adjustable time and difficulty. Players also have the option of choosing either cooperative or competitive two-player modes.


A DS crossword game is utterly brilliant. I'm only surprised it took them so long to do it.

After seeing the brilliance of Sudoku in Brain Age (writing the numbers with the stylus is very satisfying), I was simply waiting for a crossword puzzle game as well. It just seemed like a matter of time.

I just hope the interface design is clean and simple, black and white. If they try to spice it up too much, I think it'll lose its appeal to the "blue ocean" crowd. Brain Age's Sudoku was a perfect design for non-gamers.


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