EA Bringing Digital Distribution to Additional Platforms

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all i can say at this point is
seriously if no one wants your dysfunctional product you make it better not offer/force it on more

...I just want to say that that is an awesome image that sums up my feelings on this perfectly.

Like anyone would willingly install origin on a android phone when they can just download the game without it lol.

Dont undeestimate the stupidity of people.

Also, Facebook is not a platform.



Not necessarily. Games like Minecraft and To the Moon have done just fine on their own. I'm not arguing that they'd most likely do infinitely better on Steam, but they still made profit.

I suppose it depends on what you want your market to be. If you want big, mainstream-indie success like Braid or Limbo, you're gonna want those big audiences of dedicated market places. But those reeeeealy small indie games can still survive without it.

Those games are the exception, rather than the rule. And what company doesn't want their game to be a smash success? It's getting to the point where most indie games can't be successful without being on Steam. This is not a good thing.

I thought Indie games becoming successful period was the exception.

Exclusive content? Oh great now I will miss out on even more content, thanks EA, I was almost tempted to buy a new game from you like Crysis but luckily you were able to dissuade me.

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