SWERY Hints at Deadly Premonition Sequel

SWERY Hints at Deadly Premonition Sequel


Japanese developer says the Deadly Premonition Director's Cut should be a 2012 release.

Deadly Premonition, the comic horror open world game from Japanese designer Hidetaka 'SWERY' Suehiro, may be getting a director's cut release later in 2012. This news comes as a GamesCom reveal, and along with it came a hint that SWERY may be about to produce the long-awaited sequel. He confirmed that the original Deadly Premonition team had been gathered together to work on an unnamed project in honor of the 10th anniversary of developer Access Games, and hinted that the project might be Deadly Premonition 2.

"We're in talks with publishers at the moment, and we can't tell you about the platforms," SWERY said, "but by next summer, I think everyone will have a good idea of what it's going to be." Though SWERY couldn't say what the unnamed project was going to be, he did outline what Deadly Premonition 2 - assuming it ever gets off the ground - would not be. "I meet once a month with the producer of Deadly Premonition and we talk about various things. There are things I've come up with the producer has said no to. I suggested Deadly Premonition 2 should be as though Deadly Premonition had never existed. I wanted to do everything from scratch, but the producer said I couldn't do that." If SWERY ever gets to do Deadly Premonition 2 the main character will be Francis York Morgan as the producer won't let SWERY drop the character, claiming that York is a fan favorite.

While there have been Director's Cut rumors before, a release date has never been given, neither has there been any platform confirmation. While SWERY wasn't about to talk dates at GamesCom, he did say that "personally I'd like for us to be able to do it during this 10th anniversary year." No word on platforms either, yet. He went on to talk about Director's Cut improvements. "When Deadly Premonition went on sale, I got loads of feedback from the users, opinions, complaints. So I've got a list of about 200 things they want improved. I'm going through that list and choosing the things I think will be good to work on. I can't tell you in detail, but things like the controls and graphics." So, sometime in 2012 and with improved controls and graphics, but apart from that all is mystery ...

Source: Eurogamer


I saw that one coming!


Japanese developer says the i>Deadly Premonition[/i] Director's Cut should be a 2012 release.

There's a typo on the second line :P

I hope so. That game was so out there.

Not surprised. My coffee cups have been telling me about this for years.

Am I wrong for not wanting them to change a single thing with the second game? I loved the first one, with all its eccentricities and oddness.

Director's Cut fixing the outdated graphics and clunky mechanics? Weren't those elements a big part of the charm of the original?

Glad I never bought it then. I'll hold out for the Directors Cut.

You heard that Zack? There is a possibility that....

The director's cut ought to come with a recipe list for a 'Sinner's Sandwich'!

I honestly didn't think they'd make a sequel. I didn't think the original sold well enough, despite the cult following. Tis' good news though.

Deadly Premonition....the only game where every thing sucks. Shooting, movement, graphics, driving every thing sucks and works badly. But god does that game have a good story, talking and charm. Love this game. Its like a guilty pleasure. Love it.

The only thing a Director's Cut needs to do is remove about 90% of the combat.

The only thing a Director's Cut needs to do is remove about 90% of the combat.

I'll be glad if they just lower the HP on the wall walkers. They weren't challenging, just repetitive.

I'm not sure how I feel about a Deadly Premonition sequel, especially since the producer want's a direct sequel. Silent Hill 2 was an indirect sequel and wound up still being the best game in the series over a decade and 6 games later (The second best being the original).

I'll be glad if they just lower the HP on the wall walkers. They weren't challenging, just repetitive.

Heh, that was the very reason I quit playing the game. It wasn't even that a single wall-walker had too much health, it was that they would just throw another one at you once you walked around the next corner. Completely beyond obnoxious.


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