Remember Me Developer Names Key Voice Actress

Remember Me Developer Names Key Voice Actress

Developer Dontnod Entertainment responds to criticism of its dialog by revealing the talent behind it.

Remember Me, Capcom's cyberpunk thriller set in a futuristic Paris, has had a lot of interest since its reveal at GamesCom. However it's also suffered criticism for its voice acting; cheesy dialog was cited as a turn-off by the GamesCom crowd. Dontnod Entertainment is taking that criticism on board, and took the opportunity not only to address this criticism but also to introduce its voice actress: Welsh drama veteran Kezia Burrows, who has appeared in Crash and Casualty as well as many theatrical productions. The trailer shows off some of her television highlights.

Burrows plays Nilin, a memory hunter with memory problems who seeks out the ones who hacked her mind. Some of Nilin's lines - "and now the hunted ... becomes the hunter!" is the big one - have attracted scorn as being too cheesetastic. It's not the first videogame to be criticised for its dialog, but Dontnod creative director Jean-Maxime Moris wants to reassure people that their comments are being taken on board. Where changes are needed, he claims, changes will be made.

"I don't mind the criticism," said Moris. "It's constructive and I definitely listen to it. It's stuff we will look at in terms of seeing, okay, how many times does that comment come up? How many times did the opposite comment come up? ... There's a fine line between keeping your eyes shut and your ears closed, which is a bad thing, and thinking the second you see a comment or an article, go, we need to change everything."

Remember Me has a current release date of May 2013.

Source: Eurogamer


Rats, I was hoping for Summer Glau, as in Summer Glau Beats Up Everyone: The Game

"Take him out? You want me to kill him?"
No I want to take him to the Dodgers game on Saturday. You can use my season tickets.

The delivery sounded worse than the actual lines to me.

They certainly won't receive any complaints over their Concept Art...

I loved Crash, I feel like the only person who even knew it existed though :(

As cheesy as some of those lines are, I don't really mind.

The game looks bitchin'.

Here's to hoping this will turn out good. Chimpzy loves him some cyberpunk.

It'll help keep me occupied until they make Ghost In The Shell: The Game.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that watched the trailers and wanted to cover their ears lol

tbh i've always enjoyed my cyberpunks over the top

why else would the characters lack common sense

They certainly won't receive any complaints over their Concept Art...

Hadn't heard of this game before but now I need to go change my pants.
I don't see much of a problem with cheesy lines, though that's just my opinion.


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