Omerta: City of Gangsters Sounds a Lot Like Scarface

Omerta: City of Gangsters Sounds a Lot Like Scarface

Tropico developer Haemimont Games will make you the bootleg baron of Atlantic City.

Ahh, sunny Tropico; its beautiful beaches, smiling citizens and picturesque prisons make it truly an island paradise. It's also about as far away from Atlantic City as you can possibly get, but Tropico developer Haemimont Games have switched locales for this gangster strategy game. Set in the Roaring Twenties, Omerta: City of Gangsters promises to make you the next Scarface. Or possibly some other gangster boss, struggling to make a killing in The World's Playground.

"Taking the role of a fresh-from-the-boat immigrant," promises the developer, "with dreams of the big life, the player will work his way up the criminal hierarchy of 1920's Atlantic City. Starting with small jobs, his character recruits a gang and expands his empire by taking territory from other gangsters." This version of Atlantic City is intended to be historically accurate, right down to the least landmark, and gameplay is RPG progression through a turn-based-strategy gameplay system. There's stealth as well as cover-based shooting, "and you can earn 'clean' money, or surround yourself in dirty money, earned through criminal activities that range from bootlegging to bank-robbery." There will be single player as well as competitive and co-op modes.

This will be a PC and Xbox 360 release, sometime later this year; autumn, according to the official webpage. You should check it out, but turn the jukebox on when you do.

Source: Official Site, Kotaku


Reminds me of an old Eidos game I've got lying around; "Gangsters: Organized Crime" from 1998.

In fact, I'm pretty sure this is going to be a polished-up version of that game, judging by the trailer...

Well, at least it looks like a fun game.

Boardwalk Empire: The Game... obvious visual references aside colour me intrigued. It's been a good long while since I've played a game like this, but if there's booze, violence, and tits count me in. Also good call of Gangster: Organized Crime, never played the game myself but I remember looking at it back in '98 at my local ebgames and deciding on Tex Murphy: Pandora Directive instead.


Get my Al Capone on.
Then start my own mob.

With Hookers! And Blackjack!

Watching that reminded me I still have the disc for Gangsters 2: Vendetta somewhere. Though with all the building that seemed to be going on, it looks like it might be a cross between Gangsters & Constructor. I'm interested because there hasn't been a good rts/rpg crime game since Gangland, that I'm aware of.

I've missed strategy games like this...I hope they polish the combat animations however, they look a little buggy. Combat in the recent Tropico games was very poor in both visuals and AI, so some major improvements are required if the devs are using the same engine.

Oh hell yes. I've been waiting for a mob sim for years. I was OBSESSED with "Gangsters: organised Crime". Its sequel on the other hand was pure arse gravy.

Kalypso seems to be making a name for itself by being the nostalgic company. They did a REALLY old school adventure game with Ceville, they did that well meaning but flawed Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, Dark looks like a homage to Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines and Tropico is just crack to a gamer raised on similar fare. I like that. Though I do wish they had more time on projects to do polish and tweaking.

the trailer looks better than the game actually is.

lets say it like this:
it cant compete with Gangsters 2: Vendetta.
and that game came out in 2001

omertas trailer video is almost scamtastic

Boardwalk Empire: The Game... obvious visual references aside colour me intrigued.

no. if it would had 10% if broadwalk empire it would be ok. plus gangster themed turn based and real time strategy games existed before this show.

the game is a bit mediocre. you can get a chuckle out of 2 mobsters that are called mario and luigi. besides that nothing new or interesting.


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