What is "Assassin's Creed: Initiate"?

What is "Assassin's Creed: Initiate"?


Ubisoft has registered a ton of Assassin's Creed related domain names, possibly teasing a future title.

No word yet as to what it may be; it might not even be a title. However Ubisoft set the rumor mills turning when it registered a dozen domain names, all of them ending in Initiate. The full list includes:


Without further confirmation from Ubisoft it's impossible to say whether this refers to a new title - Assassin's Creed: Initiate, say - a fan site, some kind of expansion or something else again. The next titles in the franchise are Assassin's Creed 3 and Assassin's Creed: Liberation, both due October 31st and both set in America during its Colonial period. Initiate could be something to do with either Connor or Aveline - after all, Ezio had several titles all to himself - but presumably neither assassin could be described as an initiate, unless this is a prequel. Or it could be something completely different. We shall have to wait and see ...

Source: Fusible


Didn't the multiplayer of Brotherhood have you playing as a templar/abstergo initiate?

Could be related. Could be a game from the other side of the Assassin's/Templar war

I'm just guessing though, never actually watched any of the multiplayer videos when I played it, but I remember the word initiate being used somewhere in it.

Some kind promotional tie-in based on a social network.

Calling it now.

It'll probably end up being some Facebook game.. I hope it's not, though; but seeing the way Ubisoft is doing stuff, it's probably going to just be them making a fuss about nothing good.

Let's start the rumour mill!
Do we know much about the AC movie? This could be the title for it, it would be rather fitting.

Is it too soon to hope this might be the Fassbender movie?

I regard these domain names in the same way one views a used car: I'm going to reserve judgement until I see whats... under the hood.

Some kind of ARG or web browser game that lets you unlock extra stuff and points in AC3. You create you Initiate character and do different tasks and quests, mainly composed of clicking, and then some more clicking.
You heard it from me first.

Frankly I think it sounds like some kind of multiplayer story mode where you play as a customizable character/modern assassin to face down the templars or play as your own templar.

You fight in real life and in the animus. Which I would find to be very cool, but the multiplayer in AC hasn't felt really big. Maybe a multiplayer world to play around in like RDR.

Who knows, it might be AC4. ^_^

Well it SOUNDS like a low budget spin-off - possibly for PSP/DS

you guys are overlooking the obvious. its a game where you play an ubisoft assassin hunting down those evil pc pirates and killing them in creative ways despite them claiming their innocence

It'd be funny in multiplayer...just imagine a town where there's more assassins than villagers.

Oh! How about an ARG for AC4! Taking place in the early days of the webs!

Set 20 seconds on the clock and let's see how many snarky comments I can make about that:

-Wow, Ubisoft must really be in a lot of debt!
-I guess they just wanna get this new AC wave over with so they're releasing sequels, prequels and whatever else they can come up with.
-They didn't get the domain name "asscreedinitiate.com. Today's my lucky day!

Huh, I thought I had more of those in me. Eh, well.

But in all seriousness, I hope it's a movie. I don't wanna see more AC games for now. If we thought Ubisoft releasing games every year was a lot, they're getting ahead of themselves already with the release of AC3 and the Vita version. And imagine if they released yet another one on top of that. I think that would definitely repel me from the franchise. I'm still trying to play both Brohood and Revelations before the AC3 hits the shelves. Cut me some slack!

What is "Assassin's Creed: Initiate"?

well its when you outright refuse to learn the history of a country you'll probably never see.

fuck yeah, 'merica!


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