Guild Wars 2 Player Reaches Level Cap Through Crafting

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As for the rest of those titles you'd listed, I'm willing to give them a shot (though in many circles they have not been compared favorably to games I have played in the past). I genuinely hope they prove your point, because indeed, that sense of been there done that has made even the one's I wanted to try out seem sour before I could even hit the install button. I just can't get excited about playing World of whatever all over again, whatever the re-skin.

fair enough.

also, only one i really recommend off that list, is Vindictus

and your kinda right about the 'action game play' just hiding the math in some of these games (and the grind, but its an MMO). and I'm really ok with that. it makes the game more engaging from my standpoint, and the grind they tend to use, more fun. i played a lot of FPS games to, before settling on my 3, so i get where your coming from, but at the same time, i kept looking from something that at least played different.

and to be honest, i think all we can realistically ask for is it to play different the WoW and its clones.


any action based MMO to come out is playing catch up to Vin in terms of combat anyway. :p

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