Agent 47 Should Sound Familiar in Hitman: Absolution

Agent 47 Should Sound Familiar in Hitman: Absolution

Despite previous announcements to the contrary, IO Interactive has contracted the original Hitman to make his return.

There are ways and means of managing press releases, but it would seem IO Interactive Community Manager Nick Price has a Puckish streak. Rather than just make an announcement, he handed a visiting fan a USB stick with strict instructions to play the file on it as soon as possible, but not upload it until 1600 GMT. Faithful to his promise, the fan did as instructed. Thus the rumor is confirmed: David Bateson, the man who has voiced Agent 47 since the beginning, is back for Hitman: Absolution.

"I'm really happy to announce to all the loyal Hitman fans that everything has fallen into place," said Bateson, adding "I can't wait for you all to experience the game." Initial video clips had Agent 47 voiced by a younger actor, which irked long-time fans of the series. Fortunately things have sorted themselves out. "Looking back," said IO Interactive Brand Director Jon Brooke, "I think we were just playing hard to get."

Though Bateson may be the voice, William Mapother of Lost fame shall be the body, donning the mo-cap suit and adding physicality to Bateson's performance. You'll get to see it for yourself soon enough; Hitman: Absolution is due November 20th for PlayStation, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: Joystiq


Not taking ANY chances with the imagery this time I see.

Okay, hearing 47's voice say friendly things is just plain creepy.

Oh FUCK YES. I'd have yelled that aloud, but I'm in a lecture right now >.>

But yeah. Me == excited. Very excited.

This is Hitman Absolution standing outside my window on a car holding a boombox above it's head. But instead of a boom box it's David Bateson singing "in your eyes"


I'm glad they brought back the original voice for agent 47

Aaand this is exactly what I needed to hear to renew my interest in the game. Welcome back to the buy list, Hitman Absolution.

(fuck yeah!)

Fantastic news!

David Bateson: 200% more threatening than the Bale's Bat-voice.

Right has been done. That is all I have to say, right has been done.

Quite the PR stunt. If it gets the fans more interested, I'm all for it. I'm just shocked that so many people fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Okay, hearing 47's voice say friendly things is just plain creepy.

It is always creepy. Now to get him on a kids show playing a muppet.

Tickle this kids!

I won't be able to get the game right away but I may get it at some point. Having his voice does increase my interest level. Now to see how the game is.

Okay, hearing 47's voice say friendly things is just plain creepy.

I know what you mean, it's like he's been forever typecast as a ice-cold killer, no matter what he's doing.

Take this advert for example:

I can't help but feel that I should invest in Connectblue, not because it's the best wireless technology for my needs, but rather because I like to keep on living.

That advert is so sinister, not just because of the way Agent 47 effortlessly changes disguises like he does on a mission, but also the way he casually mentions "lethal bacteria" (that he'll slip into your drink) and the more "civilised tasks" (i.e. killing someone quietly without making a mess) before turning into the most sinister waiter ever (who makes it sound like ordering 3 lattes and asking to split the bill is the last mistake you'll ever make). Almost everything he says sounds like a euphemism for extreme & covert violence e.g. "focus on the problem at hand"... we all know how he'll deal with the "problem".

I don't know how much of an overlap there is between fans of the Hitman games and industries that use wireless technology... I can't decide whether the makers of that advert are purposely referencing Agent 47 or whether it's all just naive coincidence.

Him making a joke was just intimidating. Like once he got to the punchline our cat was to be blown up to prove how serious he is.

W-what....What the fuck? As soon as I saw this article's name I did a double-take and then realized it could mean something else....But lo and behold.

Ok IO...You win for now. I may not have forgiven you for changing the music and possibly Diana's voice, but you have done well by bringing back someone that we do know.

"I think we were just playing hard to get."

Motherfucker. I am so mad, and yet I can't help but smile.


His voice is instant badass. I think we're all glad to see him reprise his role.

I knew there was a reason why I randomly Googled news for Absolution this morning.

I'm glad that Bateson is back. I'm still disappointed about McKee but I'll be pre-ordering the game now.

I'm sure Mapother would have been interesting as 47 but if he was the voice I heard during demos then no thank you, I prefer Bateson.

as people have already said in the comments on youtube, I hope they can get Jesper Kyd to make the score. Maybe he is to famous today :/ . Though I always thought the reason Jesper kept making music for em was because he is a Dane too and maybe friends with em, one can hope.

OOOOOhohohohhhooooo... That voice makes my ears feel nice.

I recently 'Needed to use the bathroom' when I tried to play through Codename 47, and I found that when played from a modern perspective, the game isn't actually very good. You steer 47 more than control him, and the game had an awful lot of bugs and AI difficulties to work around.

Good news is that Blood Money is just as awesome as it ever was.


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