Big Fish and Last Day of Work Partner for Casual Games

Big Fish and Last Day of Work Partner for Casual Games

Publisher Big Fish Games signs deal with Last Day of Work to produce casual games.

Online game publisher Big Fish Games has inked a four-year deal with casual game developer Last Day of Work. Big Fish Games will provide Last Day of Work publishing and marketing support for games provided on Big Fish Games's website. Industry sales tracking site found that Last Day of Work's Virtual Villagers and Fish Tycoon were two of the 10 most popular casual games distributed through the web in 2006.

Patrick Wylie, Vice President of Big Fish Games, commented on the new deal: "Last Day of Work is one of the most creative independent developers in casual games. We're extremely proud to partner with them and represent their work. Our relationship with Last Day of Work will allow us to bring new and exciting titles to our existing customers as well as introduce more players around the world to casual games."


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