Virtue's Last Reward Rewards Pre-Orders

Virtue's Last Reward Rewards Pre-Orders


Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward pre-orders come with a replica death watch.

If you were savvy enough to pre-order Chunsoft's 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors for the DS back in 2010, you might have got your hands on a limited edition wristwatch based on the iconic bracelets that drive the game's story. Having one of these watches is what separates the true believers from the filthy, mouth-breathing scrubs who don't pre-order obscure Japanese adventure games. Do you have one of these watches? If not, you may begin weeping silently.

Fortunately, 999's kind-of-maybe sequel , Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward is based on a very similar premise, and, rather predictably, is coming with a fancy pre-order watch of its own. The watch, marketed as an "inoculation device" in a clever little press release from publisher, Aksys, comes with the Vita or 3DS version of the game, but only if you pre-order through Amazon. If the launch of 999 is anything to go by, supplies will be extremely limited.

The press release also contained a few exciting tidbits about Virtue's Last Reward and how it ties into the previous game. Though VLR was originally announced as a spiritual successor rather than a direct sequel, this press release confirms that several 999 characters will be making an appearance in the game, Clover and Alice in particular. Considering 999 ended with a sequel hook the size of a small moon, that's no bad thing.

The game is now fully voiced - in both Japanese and English, thank God - with the exception of the protagonist who is presumably doing the old-school "silent hero" thing. The game is also said to have a total of 24 endings, the majority of which, going by the previous game, will be grim.

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward arrives on Vita and 3DS on October 23rd.

Source: Aksysgames


That's positivly brillant, I would pre-order far more often if there were snazzy wrist clocks involved.

Well, I put in my pre-order about 30 seconds after reading this..

If these watches played a musical alarm when it reaches zero, would you call that a... Death Note?

Now the difficult decision of which version to get...

The watch supply ran out on Amazon because of too many pre-orders. Maybe they'll re-stock soon? I want to jump on that deal, when they are available again, as soon as possible! I have over a month to do so. Hope I don't miss it. :'(

They just restocked on Amazon, I was able to cancel my old order and replace it with the pre-order bonus edition.


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