Dragon's Dogma has "Major Expansion" in the Works

Dragon's Dogma has "Major Expansion" in the Works

Dark Arisen drops players into "depths of an unknown darkness" sometime next year.

Dragon's Dogma seemed to come out of nowhere when it launched this summer. Whether or not you saw it as a fresh take on the open world RPG or just a mess, it moved over a million units for Capcom. With numbers like that, it was only a matter of time before more game was on the way. That's exactly what will happen in 2013 with the Dark Arisen, Capcom announced at the Tokyo Game Show. While we don't know much right now, Capcom made it clear that Dark Arisen won't be a small DLC pack, but a "major expansion."

What little we do know can be gleamed from the trailer Capcom released. The words "Into the depths of an unknown darkness, dark arisen" and brief glimpses of murky underground caves seem to be hinting at a new subterranean environment. Could this be Dragon's Dogma open-world version of The Underdark?

If that's too long to wait, some new additions are getting added to Dragon's Dogma for free this year. If you were disappointed by the recent patched-in easy mode, then you'll appreciate the two new game modes Capcom has planned. Hard mode now exists for those who want the challenge, while a speedrun mode times you as you race through the entire game. Completing either mode will award you fancy new loot to equip. Both of these modes will arrive via patch before the end of the year.

Source: IGN


Wow, i had no idea they were adding in a hard mode, that's great to hear, as i was almost ready to ditch my new game + and start fresh for a bit of a challenge.

Anyways, the expansion sounds very interesting, an underground environment could be very cool. I loved the spots in the main game where you needed to use your lantern to see underground, especially when fighting a boss. Looking forward to this for sure.

Sounds cool. There's loads of DLC already out for the game but it's all pretty much useless. This might give me a reason to get back in to the game too.

Wow, i had no idea they were adding in a hard mode, that's great to hear, as i was almost ready to ditch my new game + and start fresh for a bit of a challenge.


I was psyched to start a new game+ but was very disappointed that enemies didn't scale with you. Although I am a bit peeved about that easy mode patch...EVERYONE SHOULD SUFFER LIKE I DID!

Regardless, I am super excited for this expansion. Time to get back into the game.

tried it, liked it, lost 100+ hours worth of gametime, 100+ level character, with a killing blow on the online boss dragon and awesome looking gear, because suddenly the save refuses to load, threw the game away in disgust and stopped playing.

YES! This pleases me.
Considering I haven't played it for awhile I am SO ready for some real hearty DLC

It's nice to see Dragan's Dogma has a New Testament to it's popularity.

Co-op maybe? That'd be good. Then I wouldn't have to listen to my pawns and the game would have more an emphasis on teamwork instead of do what you want just be sure to revive bitches.

Presumably this opens that locked gate in the shadow fortress? I think half my map is still just mist behind that thing.

Expansion to PC?

I tried the demo and enjoyed it, but I have been waiting for the price to drop. Maybe now I'll wait for a game of the year edition.

Squeeeeeeee! ^_^

Now, Capcom. CAPCOM. Look, looook. Listen to me. Do not, LISTEN DAMMIT, do not screw this up! I know how excitable you can be and sometimes you get a little ahead of yourself. That's okay, we all make mistakes. But so help me, if you make a mistake with THIS I will personally set a dragon on you. I mean it, and there won't be any pawns or assassin cheese to pull you through.

Given that i played the original version until i was literally sick of it, i guess this Dark Arisen thing is something to look forward to with saliva-coated jaws.

Cool, while I thought most of the game was really easy, depending on how crazy Hard mode is idk if it will necessarily be more fun.

If it has different enemy placements or more of them then great. If its just giving goblins the ability to 2 shot you and they take no damage then...pass.

The expansion itself sounds like the right idea, as opposed to the 20 or so DLC that are pretty worthless so far.

Unlike Skyrim, it looks like I'll have plenty of reason to go back to Dark Souls and Dragon's Dogma in the near future.

Wow, Capcom seems to be trying hard to create customer loyalty with this IP... I like it

Despite its flaws I really loved Dragon's Dogma, it was something new and I found myself engrossed in it. I'm looking forward to this.

This sounds great, I really wanted a reason to return to Dragon's Dogma, maybe they will add in even more equipment for us to experiment with. Oh and some duct-tape for certain *Cough* followers. ;)

I love this game to bits, and now there is gonna be more of it! Good Capcom, have a biscuit.

A dark Arisen? Hmm, that is curious. I wonder if this too is a product of the grand design or perhaps another progenitor besides.

Cool to the game be so successful; it's the kind that needed an expansion of some sort eventually.

Perhaps it's a shame that I was put off by how annoying the party members get. :/


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