Portal 2: Songs to Test By Available in October

Portal 2: Songs to Test By Available in October


This Portal 4-CD collection includes two original John Coulton tracks and GLaDOS goodness.

4-CD's worth of Portal tunes, including Coulton's "Still Alive" and "Want You Gone" - as well as over seventy other tracks - will be available for sale on October 30th. This comes to you courtesy of Ipecac Recordings, the on-a-shoestring label that allows music that might not otherwise get a release to find its public.

Disc 4 is the one Portal fans will be particularly interested in, as it includes 13 tracks from the original game that, until now, weren't available. The other three discs are full of Portal 2 goodness, including "Want You Gone" and "Cara Mia Addio", both featuring vocals from Ellen McLain as GLaDOS. The collection also has Coulton's iconic "Still Alive"; "Still Alive", of course, is on that pesky fourth disc with all the other original Portal tracks.

Also worthy of note is the mini-comic, "Turret Lullaby", which will be bundled in with Songs to Test By. Can Aperture's top scientists design a baby-friendly turret? Weeeeelll ... kinda.

Bear in mind this is a physical release, not a digital download. Digital versions of the Portal 2 tracks are available for free here. Of course, they don't include the vital Disc 4 content; those of you who want the original Portal tracks should be headed to Ipecac.

Source: Joystiq


I thought portal 1's music was released for sale as part of some orange box OST collection? (and you know, being able to extract them from the game files or whatever.)

Still, good to hear, always like being able to get this sort of stuff.

Why would they try and sell us Portal 2 music when it comes for free. I'd love to buy Portal 1's soundtrack, but only Portal 1's soundtrack. I know some people want physical copies of their music, but seriously, it's 2012.

I bought the first portal OST from Valve, along with a mouse pad... They sent it to me in the mail.

Am I living in a dream? Did all really happen?

WTF Escapists, you're fucking with my 'mental integrity'...

EDIT: nvr mnd, it was the orange Box Soundtrack... that had the good portal songs

I'm very much the target audience for this. Have already listened to the Portal 2 soundtrack to death but I do love owning physical copies of these sorts of things. Still though, wish the box-art wasn't so ugly and cluttered.


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