Mark of the Ninja Infiltrates Steam

Mark of the Ninja Infiltrates Steam

Klei Entertainment's Mark of the Ninja is sneaking onto PC this October.

In between the big launches this month, one of the best stealth games in recent years managed to sneak onto XBLA. Klei Entertainment's Mark of the Ninja launched earlier this month, to pretty much unanimous critical acclaim. Like Klei's previous efforts, Shank and Shank 2, the game is coming to PC following its success on XBLA.

The PC port of Mark of the Ninja is due to arrive on Steam on October 16th and will cost you $14.99. Both Shank games received competent, if unremarkable, ports, and Klei promises it won't drop the ball with this one.

"I'm primarily a PC person myself, and I'm not okay in any way with this feeling like a shoddy port," said lead designer, Neal Anderson. "It's my intention that this is a full, proper version of the game in its own right."

If I might gush for a moment: Mark of the Ninja is fantastic. Aside from being quite adept at sneaking up on people and murdering them in a grotesque fashion, the game's unnamed ninja protagonist eventually learns how to freeze time, sense hidden dangers and teleport, but you can still get through the game the old fashioned way. The game rewards different playstyles with unique bonus costumes which grant extra abilities. You can get through the game without killing anyone but a few select targets. The enemies are just dumb enough to be predictable, but not so dumb as to be boring. It has a cardboard box.

You can murder people while you're in the cardboard box.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun


Ninja-in-a-box. Sold.

Well, maybe not sold. The box thing is cool, but I've never liked having to sneak around when I'm well-armed enough to take on a giant robot single-handed. As in, using only one hand.

October is going to awesome! Mark of the Ninja, XCOM, Dishonored... Can't wait! :D

This looks brilliant, I cant give them money fast enough!

Hey if it comes with the option to turn off that neon UI shit I'm sold.

It's nice to see PC gamers getting console games.

You will fear the sting of THIS shinobee.

You will fear the sting of THIS shinobee.

Sometimes I am ashamed of the things that make me laugh xD

O.t This actually kind of looks cool, I should really look into the Arcade and Indie market more :p

I'm just going to gush about how Klei is full of grads from my school. Everything they make is full of their passion as animators, able to work on the projects they love instead of being forced into making TV cartoons for children, which is often the norm for 2D animators in Vancouver. Three awesome games makes me only want to work for them even more.

PC-only folks, let me just say that this game is fantastic. I didn't like either of the Shanks, but this game is much more cohesive, polished, and professional than both Shanks combined. Klei is hitting their stride and I'm excited to see what they're up to next after this one. I don't even traditionally care for stealth gameplay either, but they made you feel like death in the shadows so perfectly.

I possess anticipation for this occurrence.

Here I am expressing an interest in hearing from more of those who have already played the 360 version. Please insert responses below.


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