Dead or Alive 5 Director: A Lot of Fans Want Bigger Breasts

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Lex Darko:
It's like the summary of a news paper article being written for a tabloid for the purpose of causing an inflamed response. On the internet we call that behavior trolling.

It is exactly that, but to be fair it's a massive thrend in news. See the huffington post as a prime example of clicks being put ahead of quality journalims. A shame, it irks me to see a site with such funny videos pandering so hard to it's audience for clicks especialy in cases like this when they totally miss the point or just write opinion pieces as news, but i shouldn't expect otherwise.

I say ask your target audience what they want & what they don't & go with that. Boobs are probably the only reason anyone buys DoA (what is it anyway? Like a combat sim date dress-up franchise?). I mean, the players have a 0% chance of finding a hot F-cup girl who will give them the time of day in real life, so if that's all the game is good for, let them fantasize.

what is it anyway? Like a combat sim date dress-up franchise?

It's a fighting game with revealing outfits and jiggly tits. You know, just like every other fighting game ever. They also made a volleyball spin-off with characters from the series that was mostly uncondensed fanservice, which resulted in everybody confusing the two.

If Dead or Alive 5 was the exact same game but with a different name and developer, nobody would be talking about this.

Large breasts do not equal attractiveness or "sexiness". Either way, do we really want to even further the stereotype that gamers are all just horny teenage boys who want digital boobs everywhere?

Large breasts do not equal attractiveness or "sexiness". Either way, do we really want to even further the stereotype that gamers are all just horny teenage boys who want digital boobs everywhere?

Who are you to decide what is "sexy" and what isn't?Some people just have personal taste.

and to answer your second question, yes.
Why? 'cause sex sells, and publishers know this.

We might think that the stereotype is incorrect, but judging by how Tomb Raider has been surviving all these years suggests otherwise.

A lot of our fans are simpleminded perverts who value eye-candy over realism/modesty/respectability.

I actually kinda like his honesty. I'd be embarrassed it admit this stuff if I were him.

I suppose its the only way Dead or Alive could compete with modern fighting games

Large breasts do not equal attractiveness or "sexiness". Either way, do we really want to even further the stereotype that gamers are all just horny teenage boys who want digital boobs everywhere?

My own personal tastes are at odds with that statement, which suggests that it's less than true.

Why is it suddenly bad to like boobs? We choose actors and actresses for films often based on their unlikely appearances, and those actors and actresses often play characters that are very unrealistic to appease the target demographic of the films they're in. Games offer that extra control over appearances to the developers...and they use it. It's not that surprising.

Big boobs are appealing to a lot of guys. Plenty of women seem to like 2D male characters whose purpose is to fawn over the female characters...because that's realistic. That's just emotional big-boobs. Both of these things are pretty silly, but who the fuck cares? Enjoy it if it's your bag.


The difference is in a game like Dead or Alive and others of it's kind (Tera) every woman is Megan Fox fixing a car. And Dead or Alive is at least a legitimate 'movie', but then Team Ninja goes and makes a game where it's nothing but Megan Fox's fixing cars. As much as I like women it gets to the point where have to ask why don't you just go all the way and start making full out porn.

Have you actually played any of Team Ninja's games?

While I have never played any of the DOA fighting games, I just plain suck at them, from the reviews of their games over the years to my knowledge they are actually pretty decent fighting games. Their mechanics may not be as polished as Street Fighter or Tekken, but those are the best of the best.

Even their beach volleyball game, which I did own and play, actually had decent volleyball game mechanics in it. It was also a "collection game" where you got to buy clothes and accessories with the cash you earn from with volleyball matches. Strangely enough, my sister ended up play it more than me - she got hooked on the cloth and accessory collecting. XD

Anyway, I don't think there is anything wrong with making games that are fully just "fan service". If that what they want to make, if that what people are buying, then they should just go ahead. Personally I find such games/shows fairly boring, there are people out there that don't mind.

...Which actually I think I know the answer to, it has to do with Japanese culture and media. On one hand they're more open with sexuality and sexual innuendo, but on the other in some ways they're still conservative about actual sex especially in regards to minors. So with the 'shounen' genre, material targeted at young males 12-16 or something like that, they have no problem providing the boys all the titillation they want, but actual sex is avoided. So what you're left with is these weird as manga series where you have a cast of porn stars engaging throwing around plenty of 'fanservice' but engaging in perfectly safe PG relationships.

Ah ... the "Shounen genre".

The reason it doesn't get into actual sex is due to broadcast restrictions and restrictions by console manufacturers like Sony who don't allow explicit material on their machines - it damages the reputation of their product.

In the PC market which is not restricted, they "go all the way". But in a lot of cases, especially the good ones with solid story lines, the sex scenes are mostly "optional" and can be removed without hurting the plot at all. The reason this is so, is for easy porting to consoles should the game hit it big in the PC market - done by simply just removing the extraneous H-scenes. The H-scenes are included in the first place to "guarantee" an audience - people who buy the game just for those.

Well, you guys realize that fighting games such as these are unrealistic. Unrealistic in their nature. So if the gameplay is unrealistic, why would you expect the characters to be realistic? If Team Ninja said "We're giving the most accurate display of women ever" as a selling point, I'd understand why people would be up in arms. But that's not what there here to do. I love big boobs, I'm not gonna lie. I've never played a Dead or Alive game, but I don't mind their particular style. If people are upset that it doesn't give an accurate portrayal of women's antanomy, then they should look to a game that takes itself seriously. It'd be like if I complained Gears of War does not portray combat realistically. Obviously they're not going for realism, so my complaint would be invalid. But if ARMA, which brands itself as a military simulator, starting putting in regenerating health, it would make sense for people to be up in arms. Similarly, if a game that promised accurate characters in both personality and antanomy had only women with big, jiggly breasts, it would be valid for people to be up in arms. But this is not what DOA does, they make fun games ( I assume) that girls with big boobs. Let them be, that's what they do; they DO NOT do realistic games.

They've got it all wrong, it's not the size that matters but the quality of the jiggle physics.

I think the problem here isn't that DoA needs to "Tone down the sexiness" its the automatic assumption that "Bigger Tits" = "Sexiness".

How about instead of making bigger breasts we just take more clothes off?

Lovely Mixture:
I don't want bigger breasts. I want sexier characters period, that includes body, personality, movement style, and character interaction.

I'm really getting tired of the idea that Sexy Ladies = tits the size of watermelons

I'm a bit offended, because he equates "beauty" with "chest size". A character like Alyx Vance or Mirror's Edge Faith is "beautiful", but to him beauty is tittie jiggles and massive cup sizes.

(a dozen more posts just like those)

Quoted for truth.

The problem here is not that the female characters are oversexualized or objectified. The problem is the idea that making their boobs bigger is synonymous with making them more attractive. Literally everything from improving the jiggle physics to making their personalities more interesting would be a bigger step in the right direction than screwing around with breast sizes.

Self-reflection time: assuming you weren't going to buy DoA 5 anyway, why would you possibly care how big the boobs in the game are?

Ridiculously sized boobs perpetuate the myth that straight males like big boobs, when things like shape and jiggle physics are obviously more important.

pretty retardet

Quoted for irony.

Playful Pony:
Bullet-dodging penis would actually make more sense, would it not? At least men have muscles in the damn thing

No, they don't. "Spongy tissue that fills with blood" is not "muscle".

If anything, a modestly dressed, modestly proportioned, genuinely realistic and believable female character is the OPPOSITE of "mainstream" and they're more rare than a white buffalo. I can practically count them on one hand (and half my fingers go to Valve girls).

Play moar Star Trek: Elite Force. Alexandria Munro, Telsia Murphy, Juliet Jurot, etc. are all "modestly dressed, modestly proportioned, genuinely realistic and believable", and even Seven of Nine trades in her skin-tight catsuit for a Starfleet uniform for a few missions.

captcha: Queen Nefertiti .... Oh come on! Now you're just messing with me.

That's it, I'm starting a poll about Captcha becoming sentient.

By the next game I'm honestly just expecting them to make the characters fighting breasts. They already are impractical, any larger and you might think that they'll fly away.

Right? Anything to make a buck,eh?

Elect G-Max:
An astute post I'm sorry for having to pare down for size.

Amen to that. I'm reminded of a certain ad that ran for Soul Calibur 3. Or was it for a Dead or Alive game? I'm not sure. Japanese men staring at their screens, their jaws agape with seeing how the girls' boobs responded to the Sixaxis controller's motion capabilities. The whole of thing was set to something Classical and Epic that everyone's sure to recognize, and it was generally presented as being some sort of boon to gaming and men as a whole.

We love you, Japan. Please, though, for the love of everything that is holy - grow the fuck up. Stop appealing to the NEET or Hikkikomori types who reportedly need this shit to maintain their waifu complex and their flagging sense of self-esteem.

Considering how we live in a globalized society, it's odd that nobody factored something other than hardcore fans in the game's design.

In fact, here's an easy solution. Release your babe-centric fighting game with tasteful boobs and body part physics as part of the default setup, but include some sort of free DLC with each copy. Said DLC would be limited to an unlock that applies egregious boobage.

There. The ridiculous funbags become optional, the drooling types get their gazongas and those who'd rather look at more realistic female forms are also given free leave to do that by *not* installing this entirely cosmetic DLC.

Joe Warwick:

By the next game I'm honestly just expecting them to make the characters fighting breasts. They already are impractical, any larger and you might think that they'll fly away.

Right? Anything to make a buck,eh?

Well no, because a pair of fighting breasts wouldn't make any goddamn sense and nobody would find that "sexy"?

while odd feedback and is nice to see a developer consciously make moves to please existing fans rather than going after some mythical larger fan base, i just wish it was any other game that was getting this kind of treatement


Joe Warwick:

By the next game I'm honestly just expecting them to make the characters fighting breasts. They already are impractical, any larger and you might think that they'll fly away.

Right? Anything to make a buck,eh?

Well no, because a pair of fighting breasts wouldn't make any goddamn sense and nobody would find that "sexy"?

Pretty sure that's a problem for marketing

Elect G-Max:
Ridiculously sized boobs perpetuate the myth that straight males like big boobs, when things like shape and jiggle physics are obviously more important.

I sorta agree, but it makes you wonder exactly WHERE the devs get the idea of such jiggle physics that makes the boobs seem like they're made out of water.

Not coming across as a perv or anything, just genuinely displaying that boobs (even decently-sized ones) DON'T bounce up and down while the woman is standing fairly still.

And then there's Dead or Alive physics...

Talk about overdone and borderline repulsive right? They literally jiggle with the wind like flimsy water balloons. It's just...eewww. As a typical hetro male, it turns me off -_-

Oh for crying out loud! I can't take it anymore!

Generic alarmist:
"Big boobs perpetuate the stereotype that gamers are immature/like big boobs."

No they don't. It's a video game. Most people understand that video games aren't realistic. And nobody comes to games for realism. Oh, it's okay to have magic fireballs and demons and supersoldiers, but the moment somebody wants to have abnormally large boobs, suddenly that's where we've gone too far? What kind of logic is that!? It's okay to be unrealistic, and it's okay to be unrealistic in every possible way. That's what makes video games so much fun!

And "immature"? I'm sorry, I wasn't aware this was the international Catholic School forum. Exactly how is it "immature" to have a healthy sexual appetite? Exactly how is it "immature" to fantasize in ways that appeal to the natural emotions that evolution gave us? Fantasy is not "immature". The only thing immature here is your outdated puritanical attitude about sexuality. It's okay to fantasize. It's good for you. It's normal. Even if your fantasies are physically impossible, that doesn't make you a freak.

Dead or Alive does not represent the tastes of all men. But it does represent the tastes of some men, like myself. Though many of you don't like big boobs, some of us actually do, and we'd appreciate it if you'd quit trying to take them away from us. It may not be what you're into, but that doesn't make it wrong for other people to be into it. And it certainly doesn't give you the right to impose your taste in women on us. I like big, unrealistic, perky boobs, and I'm proud of it.

Liking unrealistic boobs does not mean there's something wrong with me. And it's offensive to imply otherwise. I can't help what I'm attracted to any more than you can. Hating somebody's fetish is as bad as hating somebody's sexual orientation, because neither of those things are a choice. If my love of unrealistic boobs isn't harming anybody, then what exactly is the problem? There is none. This is merely prejudice, an unwarranted hatred of fetishism.

For that reason, it doesn't matter if the boobs are unrealistic or not. That said, let's pretend for a second that it did matter, just for the sake of argument. Well guess what? The boobs in Dead or Alive aren't all that unrealistic. I'm serious. Have you been outside lately? I don't know where you're from. But I can go outdoors at my college and witness chests that put several of the DoA girls' chests to shame. And not even on fat girls. I'm talking healthy, physically-fit women packing beautiful racks. It hasn't been the 1950's for at least 60 years. Boobs are getting bigger. Not on everybody, granted. But some women really are getting "gifted" in that area. Go outside. Seriously.

Last but not least, no, Dead or Alive does not "create unrealistic expectations". That is a lie, plain and simple. This is the same logic that news outlets use to claim that Grand Theft Auto makes people violent and dangerous. "You see it on the screen, therefore you need it to happen for real." And it's bullshit logic based on laughable pseudo-psychology. I love the big breasts on the girls of Dead or Alive. Not only that, but I've been watching anime since I was 12 years old; anime that features women with extremely prominent boobs. And yet just a week ago I asked out a girl who was maybe a C-cup at breast, but likely smaller. And you know why I asked her out? Because I was genuinely attracted to her. On another note, between Panty and Stocking, I actually like Panty more. (The one on the left.) Even though her chest is small even by real-world standards, I find her more attractive than Stocking because of her personality. That's right, I actually factor personality into my choice in women. So I ask you, smartasses, if Dead or Alive truly creates unrealistic expectations in me, then where's the proof? There is none. Because Dead or Alive doesn't do that.

In your face, I rest my case. Those of you who love big boobs, be proud of yourself. Breast fetishism pride, haters gonna hate.


Large breasts do not equal attractiveness or "sexiness". Either way, do we really want to even further the stereotype that gamers are all just horny teenage boys who want digital boobs everywhere?

Who are you to decide what is "sexy" and what isn't?Some people just have personal taste.

I think there is a lot to be said for a game developer that single mindedly creates ludicrous filth. There is a beautiful sincerity about it, unfettered by the need to boil down the game into mass-market dross.

Yeah, they totally need bigger breasts.. Maybe I don't feel like a pedophile anymore beating off to those animated children with tacked on jelly bags... <.<

[Insert statement about "all men think (x)"] [Insert stale witticism about decline of society.] [Insert hipster reference about how cool I am for not liking this.] etc. etc. etc.

Seriously, I loved DoA: XBV, and own one and two. The volleyball was entertaining enough, and I love playing dressup with my pretty fighters. Also making pairings out of the longtime nemiseseseses and forcing them to cooperate to win was hilarious. I got to see hilarious breasts immitating a 7.6 earthquake, I got to laugh as my female friend and I failed to be able to win a set because we were busy trying to get the characters to do superpowered spikes, and I don't feel less "manly" or like I'm a horrible person for enjoying it.

Seriously, DoA is teeth grindingly hard on the hardest setting. As a fighting franchise the last one kind of left me meh, but overall I've enjoyed it. If he wants to increase the girls breastsize I'm cool with that as long as it doesn't stray into "give self blackeye" territory.

I like boobs-I like them big-I like anime/video game characters-I like to be titalated while playing a game= I love and agree with team ninja ^_^

Some people might think that smaller is cuter.

albino boo:
As a 40 year old gamer I can tell you for free, jiggle physics and larger breasts are not selling points to me. I am on my second marriage and I see naked breasts (briefly) every day. The demographic that is interested in jiggle physics is the demographic that is under 20, doesn't have a credit card for access to porn and has limited privacy to engage in sex.

Hilarious post. My favorite part was the idea that someone needs a credit card to access porn.

Your inability to conceive of a demographic, based entirely on your own personal experience, doesn't negate the existence of such a demographic. There are, in fact, plenty of "pathetic" older gamers who, if polled, would absolutely admit to enjoying jiggle physics and massive cans. But we're all very happy for your own success in love, meaningless as that myopic anecdote might be to this conversation.

If you were 8 when dead or alive 3 came out you would only be 19 now. You can follow a game series for 11 years and still be under 20.

Sorta my point. If you're 19 years old, you're either capable of buying your own games or capable of deceiving mom.


Look, Team Ninja, it's okay to like tits. Everybody like boobies. They're fun to look at, fun to play with and fun to smoosh your face in and go HUBBALUBBALUBBALUBBA. Now I personally prefer them in a more manageable size (read: not so big that they create their own laws of physics) but as a whole, I like boobs. There's nothing wrong in admitting to that. Frankly, if you'd said that you like jubblies and love making up weird jigglies for them, I would've applauded you for staying true to your own style where even the word "girlfriend" in videogame development leads to a ridiculous shitstorm.
But for fuck's sake... trying to justify sexualization as part of Japanese culture? This is insulting to both you and the culture you claim to defend. Saying "guys, I like dem titties and Imma make a game with copious amounts of huge titties because I like dem titties" is a-ok. Claiming that this is some sort of cultural service to your country is cowardly beyond words.

Seriously, who the fuck keeps giving game developer a microphone? Haven't we learned by now that they're apparently to dumb to brain beyond creating videogames?

I simply quote this because it literally made me laugh out loud, thank you for that sir/mam, you get my internetz for today.

And I agree, Team Ninja should just go ahead and be completely open.
I can see the press release now:
"We at Team Ninja have decided to finally come forth on a matter that has riled humanity as a whole and nearly started World War V, a War so badass that it would have skipped right over III and IV. Our stance on the breasts of our female characters. Earlier, we claimed, that these breasts were designed to appeal to a mature gamer audience that appreciates the shape of the female body in a classy, artsy way. We also made the claim, that these designs sprang from roots deeply engrained in our culture. However, these statements were not completely accurate.
The honest truth is: We like boobies. Milkbags, Melons, Knockers, Mammaries, Assets, Bazookas, whatever you want to call them, we like them. And I personally appreciate breasts in all sizes and shapes, but our lead designer has a thing for gargantuan jigglypuffs which is why he decided to make every jellybonker of such huge proportions, that, by right, they should have their own gravitational pull, and, in fact, if you manage to get an apple into the game and throw it at a female characters bristols, it will orbit around them.
Again, I am not opposed to having smaller breasts in games, but we wanted to see how far we could push it before everyone would cry out against us. We coded parts of the game so that every chesticle would be individually moved by it's own physics engine and we enjoyed that, not because these bouncing bazongas aroused us, but because it gave us a sense of boyish glee to push the envelope of kahunas in games even further.
In short, we did it, because we, at Team Ninja, fully subscribe to the notion of liking sweater puppies and we shall not apologize for that.
We are deeply sorry however, about the civil wars we caused in some parts of the world, where gamers and non-gamers alike took to weapons over this issue. Tis tragic, that something as beatuiful and wondrous as female breasts would incite such violence. Our hearts are with the families of the fallen.
Now if you will excuse me, I have to go, I am in dire need of a good HUBBALUBBALUBBA.

Again I can quote my favourite post and be relevant and on topic. Hurray for me.

why is this such a big issue?
7 pages worth of fighting cause of Big Tits mode DLC gets "announced"?

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