Vita Release Makes Rainbow Moon Portable

Vita Release Makes Rainbow Moon Portable


Enough people want a handheld Rainbow Moon to warrant a port.

Level-grinding is inherently more palatable on a handheld platform. There's no hard scientific evidence for this, of course, but whiling away the hours watching your party get incrementally stronger is not quite so soul-crushing when your alternative is staring out a subway window. This seems to be the logic behind the upcoming PS Vita port of Rainbow Moon. The game itself is more or less a playground for hardcore strategy RPG enthusiasts for whom grinding is its own reward. The Vita release will likely draw in existing fans, as well as a potential new audience who balk at long, slow-paced games at home, but could probably use one for company on the go.

"We've been asked this question many times, so I'm very happy to finally announce that we will bring Rainbow Moon to the PS Vita," says CEO Marcus Pukropski of SideQuest Studios, one of the developers behind the title. "All the feedback that we have received for Rainbow Moon during the last few months has been tremendous, and I hope that today's announcement will make a lot of PS Vita owners and Rainbow Moon fans happy." There's no word yet as to whether the Vita version will be compatible with PS3 saves, or whether it will add any additional content, but the game may prove attractive to newcomers on its own terms. The game is over 40 hours long and has a plethora of customizable skills and items across six playable characters. For an asking price of $15, that's plenty of content.

Rainbow Moon has already attracted a small but dedicated fanbase of players who thrive on sidequests, character customization, and world exploration. If the PS3 and Vita versions are compatible, they may very well be willing to spend another $15 to continue their adventures while traveling or commuting. If not, the current dearth of SRPGs on the Vita may make Rainbow Moon an attractive purchase by default.

Source: Destructoid


Game is pretty good but I wouldn't buy it twice. Plus it needs some patches to fix things like the disparity of stats at early levels.

I've been looking into this game for awhile so I'll be getting it on the Vita now.

Bought it played it for about ten hours and then lost interest. Music is good but it's just the same thing over and over without enough personality to make me care about it.

Also the food and light mechanics are pretty stupid.

Worth a tenner i suppose

Was sort of fun, but the grinding killed it for me.
Not even the act itself, just that to kill a trash group, it took longer than disposing of trash groups in Final Fantasy 7.


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