Full PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Cast Revealed

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Seems a quarter of that roster isn't even Playstation exclusive. I thought the whole point of this game was a beat em up of Playstation exclusive characters.

I'm loving how everyone keeps conveniently forgetting that Crash and Spyro are owned by Activision and keep blaming Sony for not including them.

Well that answer's my question on where Crash was.

And YAY for Nariko :) Where's my sequel Ninja Theory? :P

It looks kind if fun actually but that's really strange Crash isn't in there. He's easily one of the mist identifiable characters with play station.

I have a fantasy match in mind. Damn it, I really do hope they make it so Dante can face Cloud Strife! I'm pretty excited for this game. Been looking it up all morning and it has totally gotten my interest. Sucks that we might not get Crash, but with the roster that's already in the game, I can't complain.

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