EA Calls Developer Mentally Ill

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And in this corner, with a reputation for hostile take overs of beloved studios and releasing the SAME game over and over and over again! EA!

*Crowd: Boooo, hissss!*

And in this corner, a guy who not many remember and less knew about to begin with, Lorne Lanning!

*Crowd: Hrmm?*

The guy who seems to have some how fucked up the company who made Oddworld.


Fellow Escapists...


... God dammit, Jeff Brown. No matter who's right or wrong here, you can't just insult someone by saying they have a serious mental disorder!

I don't care if the Oddworld guy is lying or if EA is lying, though EA's reputation doesn't do them any favours, Brown's comment was seriously out of line.

My jimmies are SO rustled right now. Like, what the hell?! They could have at least responded without resorting to ad hominem. Then they'd only be suspected of lying, not suspected of lying and known to have insulted their challenger.

I'm outta here, and I'm taking my cookies and tea with me.

They responded to rudeness with rudeness. To me it seems like dialogue from your average Family Guy episode. If Lanning didn't drop the word 'fuck' and imply bed-wetting, I doubt EA would have responded the way they did. Can't say what they did was right, but ignoring the catalyst of the response is kind of silly, no?

I understand where you're coming from, and I think you'd be very glad to know that I had edited my post before you posted this. I guess you quoted it before the edits went through, but I essentially pointed out that Lanning wasn't being a fair, either. So it's both sides that are at fault here.

I'd say that his comment about Tourette's was a highly unfortunate twitch reaction and a really jerk-y response to make.

I like the EA guys comments. They display an appropriate level of disdain for the situation.

Oh come on! That's not what a PR rep should say, it's something I would expect from a paraplegic with down syndrome.

How did I do? Better/worse than EA?

Both EA and this guy are immature 5 year olds. Talk about making the industry look bad as a whole.

Bonus immaturity points for EA for using a medical condition like Tourette's as an insult.

Some days i look at things developers do or say and just wander one thing: PR, do these people understand what the hell it means?

Again, i know not all developers act like this but...it's rather glaring seeing "Professional businessmen" act like this.

Well if anything is to be said about EA it is that they are not afraid to say fuck off and die to anyone. Including homophobes, customers, and developers. I have to kind of admire them for that despite how much they piss me off about other things.

...Hoo boy, someone pass the popcorn, this one's gonna be messy. In the immortal words of Shakespeare, cry fury, and let slip the dogs of war...

Grey Carter:
He fired most of the Oddworld Inhabitants staff at extremely short notice following the release of Stranger's Wrath, and the company has been a shell of its former self ever since. It's now chiefly concerned with "directing" HD re-releases of its previous titles, all of which are developed by other teams.

Wow, I had absolutely no idea that was what happened to Oddworld Inhabitants. That's really awful to hear, that team created some of the most memorable games of my childhood. Do you happen to have any source with greater detail on the matter? I'm not doubting you here, I just would like to learn more about what happened to one of my favorite studios.

EDIT: After doing my own research and looking up some very old articles, it seemed like after EA completely screwed over Stranger's Wrath, Lanning had absolutely no choice but to cut losses and do everything in his power to keep Oddworld alive. Even if it was a shell of its former self.

I'm not standing up for the guy or anything nor am I going to scream that EA is the devil, but it really does seem to me that he is just doing everything he can possibly think of to keep the Oddworld brand alive. He even spent thousands of his own money to fly to America to speak to and learn from Gabe Newell himself. Even if this was a lie and a publicity stunt, I will cheer for his success and the future of the Oddworld series.

EDIT 2: Jesus, has it really been six years sine Citizen Siege was first announced? It's hard to believe it would still be alive after all this time but if it is, I sure as hell hope we get the movie/game we all hoped for.

Still can't find anything about Hand of Odd besides a few sourceless rumors and one very odd fansite.

Oh dear. Not again. They can't seem to catch a break.

I just realized that this is yet another EA stunt to remain relevant in the headlines as their stocks continue to fall. They always seem to do this when their stocks dip.

Maybe this time we should just ignore them and maybe their stocks won't rise enough for this decline to be another "dip". Or maybe they'll just flail around and stop being EA-evil and start being Ubisoft-stupid.

I don't even have words to express this so I leave you all with this~

Even assuming EA are telling the truth, which is pretty much guaranteed not to be the case; Jeff Brown is a colossal cunt, and should be immediately fired, and then smacked around the face with a bat until he's brain damaged, so he can personally experience what it's like to have a mental disorder.

Here's Lanning's reply to EA:

"Your mother smelled of hamsters, and your father was an elderberry!"


<toes curl>





I have Tourette's.

<toes curl>

[bites tongue]


<toes curl>

You know, EA, it's pretty hard to outright offend me...

<toes curl>



[bites tongue]


...but you managed it.



<toes curl>


<nary a swear is uttered>

I would like to recommend giving Ritalin to all of your PR team, so that they'll lose all their personality (stopping comments like this) and helping them remember how their jobs work.


<toes curl>

Alternatively, please die.

EA, there is a right way and a wrong way to respond to stupid-crazy. "With more stupid-crazy" is the WRONG way.

Seriously, why do companies even have PR departments anymore? They'd get more mileage from their money with an 8th grader on day 5 of skipping his Ritalin.

I thought my view of EA couldn't possible be made any worse than it already was, but that rude inapropriate insult towards Lanning did the trick.

What a bunch of assholes.

And after their fire that spokesman as a scapegoat to take the fallout, he probably shouldn't embark on a new career as a pharmacist; lithium is an anti-psychotic and anti-depressant and used for treating bipolar disorder, especially the manic or hypomanic episodes.

If you're going to toss insults at someone, at the very least don't come across as totally ignorant.

Not to mention that very few Tourette's sufferers are the swearing-up-and-down kind (the stats I've read say that 0.1% of people have Tourette's, and 1% of them have the swearing issue, or "coprolalia", which translates to "feces mouth"). This means on in a hundred thousand people has coprolalia. Compare to the amount of people who swear regularly, and you'll find that assuming people have coprolalic Tourette's just because they swear simply isn't likely to be correct... at all.

So that's a double fact-fail in one sentence.

I always say this, but whoever is in charge of the PR department at EA is being payed FAR too much, in fact, they deserve to have money taken away from them.

I like to imagine that through the doors to the PR offices of EA one finds a room full of mass destruction, feces flung on the walls and floors, unintelligible writhing masses of human shapes gurgling about in their own wretched filth.

Nobody ever wants to have to deal with that mess, so nobody at EA speaks of that room, and they all just pretend it doesn't exist.

*In Michael Buffer Voice* Let's get ready to RUUUUUUUMBBBBBLE!

I wanted to make a Rumbleman reference there, but couldn't figure out the best way to do it.

Lithium is the primary medication for bipolar disorder, to treat paranoia and tourettes you usually use neuroleptica such as Olanazapine. Just saying...

Wouldn't put it passed EA to say something like this and deny it. In fact they kinda have to deny it.

This just in: EA practicing medicine without a license!



Oh God.

May I formally predict the brewing shittornado as I sprint for the shelters?

Is a shittornado more or less damaging than Mortal Kombat's Soulnado?

Less damaging. However, it is far more irritating and may induce an urge to go out into the street and punch a stranger in the face.

The fanboy in me really wants to shout at EA. No one gets to insult Oddworld, even if they are a massive shell of former awesome. Especially not EA.

Eh, they were responding to a guy who told them 'Fuck you very much' and implied they were shit in bed. Clearly both parties here were being incredibly unprofessional, and they're arguing with each other on the same level. If you're going to call EA's behavior inappropriate, you have to say the same of Lanning.

Not really. While he's a slanderous asshole and definitely NOT in the right, I feel that making fun of mental illness trumps profanity on the asshole scale every time.

'Course, what else did I expect from EA, the scummiest of scumbags?

Asshole in the right corner vs asshole in the left corner.

Well, this is PR for both parties so I guess it works out just fine for both of them.

I have no clue about Mr. Lannings mental health, but I know this:

1) Oddworld is one of my all-time favourite games. I had it lying around for weeks on the WTF pile, which I came up with especially for Oddworld. Oddworld was the only title on the WTF pile at that time. But once I sat down and started to wrap my head around it, oh boy, that was gaming bliss right there.

2) If a spokesperson for a rather large, global company blurts out nasty stuff like that, I really would expect him to be sacked. No, let me reiterate that: I would want him sacked no matter who he was representing. It's just a level of trolling I find hard to accept beyond Youtube comments sections or coming from anyone but the usual majorly artificially retarded suspects (Scientology, Westboro Baptist Church)

Hooray, both parties are acting like they're 10 years old. This is going to go well.

I don't know, if there wasn't some truth to what Lanning said then surely EA could sue him for slander, right?

Is that how it works in America?

Hilarious, considering last year Jeff Brown was headlining the whole anti-Activision campaign, preaching Battlefield will be the next huge thing and CoD will be gone from the market in 2-3 years.

If Activision were as insecure as EA and lacking a competent PR department, they might've called him crazy too.

Also, nice to see EA show their real colors. Tolerance and support are only for those who are a big enough market niche and have their own gaming con. The mentally ill can go fuck themselves.

Eh, I can't exactly say it was a horrible thing to say. I say worse things on a daily basis for humour.


We'll see for how much longer Jeff Brown will keep his job. The rest of EA is most certainly not amused -- considering how they already have enough PR issues.

As to who tells the truth...I have no idea.

I'm not even sure. Retarded PR seems to be a company tradition. Remember they also had a hilarious slapfight with Activision over CoD vs. Battlefield...

And don't forget the other things that got them 5+ minutes of shame on Extra Credits! ( http://penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/an-open-letter-to-ea-marketing )

Even if Lanning was full of shit, you just can't say these things when speaking for a corporation.

EA are like a stand up comedian who makes a terrible joke, but the longer it goes on, the worse it gets for them, and every body is waiting with baited breath to see just what embarrassing thing they will say next.

I have to wonder if they are determined to get everybody hating them. Can anybody think of a way that people hating them could make them money? Because I can only assume that is their plan.

Eh, I can't exactly say it was a horrible thing to say. I say worse things on a daily basis for humour.

Yes, but you aren't saying it while representing a multi-million dollar corporation while on camera.

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