Mystery Star Wars Title First Assault Targets XBLA

Mystery Star Wars Title First Assault Targets XBLA


An unintentional reveal for Star Wars First Assault suggests a Microsoft connection.

NeoGAF was the first to spot it on the Xbox Live Arcade marketplace: Star Wars First Assault, the title that until now has been a trademark and nothing else. This is an unintentional reveal for LucasArts, which has been unwilling to say much about the title. It even lacks a website; the one it has redirects straight to

Thanks to this slip we now know it will be an XBLA title, but all else is mystery. There are some troopers blasting away at a couple of dudes failing to take cover, so it could be a shooter ... I guess ... At least we don't have reason to think it will be a Kinect title. That's got to count for something.

"It is an exciting time at our company right now," said LucasArts in an official statement, when questioned by IGN. "However we don't have any announcements at this time." So no release dates, then? 'Spose not.

Source: IGN


Well, hmmm, that's not a lot to go on. Maybe some sort of link to the 1313 business? Maybe something else entirely?


Maybe another disappointment?

*le sigh*

That... that looks a little like a Battlefront-esque situation... No, don't do this to me internet, don't lie to me and say there might something resembling a new Battlefront coming out!

captcha: first water
The prequel comic?

Storm trooper accuracy, at lest there's some respect for the original canon.

So let me get this straight- it's on XBLA, not PC, and the cover shows ground combat, instead of space combat, or any combination whatsoever of the two?


Oh well- at least here's a star wars game without freaking lightsabers everywhere.

YOU BASTARDS! IT COULD'VE BEEN SOMETHING GREAT! And by that I mean a sequel to republic commando. Fuckity fuckers.

My guess is: It's a 1st/3rd persons shooter where you fight in one of the early missions of the newly formed rebel alliance. Will also feature some quick paced multiplayer.
You heard it from me.

So not a new X-Wing or TIE-Fighter then?

What small interest I had in this game has now completely disappeared.

If this isn't a Battlefield-esque shooter, Lucasarts, don't even bother trying to make me buy anything else from you.

Yeah, Lucasarts is kinda stupid with all the crap they've pushed out that ISN'T a new battlefield or X-Wing game. I thought they wanted money?

I'm still keeping my eye on this. About the only thing we know for certain is the the XBLA will have it, doesn't mean it'll be exclusive, and we're not sure about what the game contains either.
So... maybe there's the chance it'll be something good...?
albeit a slim chance...
...very slim...

Please not another Kinect title...

If anything, I'd like a successor to the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise.

Star Wars XBLA exclusives make me a sad panda.


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