Steam Now Offers Non-Gaming Software

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Evil Smurf:
I trust Valve not to fuck me over. They had not failed me yet, why would they now?

I trusted EA no to fuck me over back in the day. They still haven't screwed me personally but I've heard loads of stories from everybody else(plus the usual stories of incompetent marketing).

Point is Valve is a company just like EA, Activision or Ubisoft.

Except they're publicly owned (except for Activision and Valve) and have to answer to shareholders. Activisions CEO has never played a game in his life and treats Activision as if it were a car making company.

I trust Valve (for now atleast), and what they're doing (treating their customers right) seems to be working quite well for them, so I doubt they'll throw their main strategy away any time soon.



While they may not be strong arming the dev/publishers, they are indirectly strong arming the consumers. When the Steamworks DRM goes into a game, that is free to the devs/publishers, the consumer has no option but to use it. As far as I am concerned that is fairly anti-competitive because if a game has it you have to use it. For example, as far as I know their is no version of Skyrim without it, as such get it in retail, you have to use steam, no ifs ands or buts. How can that not be seen as anti competitive for the consumers?

That was Bethesda's choice. Valve had little to do with it. It's kind of hard to strongarm anything when you're not moving your arms, you know?

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